Kbeauty is the key to clear skin. The use of natural products to give that beautiful glow .10 steps skin routine can actually look tedious, but trust me once you get hold of it, you will probably start loving it, just like me.

Kbeauty is more into hydrated, plump and fresh looking skin. Honestly I have felt more comfortable to go out, flaunt my real no makeup face ever since I have followed this 10 step skin care routine.


To give a rough idea, I have a ageing combination skin, which was once oily,acne prone and had huge bumps of pores,do take a look at ‘My Pimple Story‘.

Kbeauty is the best thing, I did to my skin this year, so here goes the basic of it.

As every skincare there is Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing.  These are further divided into small mini steps.


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The magic to have a clear face is to remove all the gunk and impurities, apart from the fact that you wear makeup or not. Everyday there is a lot of oily, dead skin and pollution that sits on your skin.

Yes the normal cleanser is not just enough.  Kbeauty’s first and most loved step is “Double Cleansing” .      


That is using an oil based cleanser first. This allows the makeup ,dirt and other gunk to melt away.

Jojoba oil, grapeseed oil are excellent ingredient when it comes to this. Still you can choose a variety of Oil based cleansers from many Kbeauty Websites .


  • Now that we are done with the oil cleansing, we need to remove this oil using this water based cleanser.
  • Choosing a mild cleanser, which balances the skin pH level is very important.

Ingredients like Green Tea, Rice Extract forms the best cleansing agent.



  • While we need to remove that excess dead skin and deep clean our pores every now and then.
  • Exfoliation is of two types the normal Scrub and the chemical exfoliation.
  • Personally I love chemical exfoliation which using the AHA and BHA to gently remove the dead skin and gunk unlike the gritty scrubs which can cause the micro tears in the skin.
  • If you have ever felt you skin to be bumpy after using a scrub ,well that means you need a gentle scrub or go slow while scrubbing it.

Mandelic Acid is one the best kind of chemical exfoliatant,  works wonders on all skin type. It is also recommended for removing the bumps on face.

Mandelic Acid - kbeauty - ctt

Mandelic Acid - kbeauty - ctt

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AHA or Alpha Hydroxy  Acid helps in removing the impurities from the upper layer whereas the BHA Beta Hydroxy Acid removes the impurities from the deeper skin layer.

This makes the skin, more clean and clear . As you can see the glow is just not from the outside but also from the inside.


Toning is the skin prep process, as you skin undergoes multiple cleansing process, toning helps in

  • Restoring the skin pH ,which is lost during cleansing and exfoliation.
  • Removes the excess residue of the cleansing product.
  • Preps the skin to make it absorb the next ingredient more effectively.

One of the best thing, you could do to your face. The Klair’s Supple toner is the best of all.

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This is the step I totally love, do check out my review on Snail Mucin Essence from Benton. I loved using it.

Essence is a light moisturizer that helps in hydration and anti ageing. It is for the overall glow of the skin.

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Hyaluronic acid is the best example of an essence, it is light weight, provides hydration, works on pores and gives glow.


This is more of a concern based step. You can choose products that is specific /targeted to your skin issues. Pigmentation, acne, pores, ageing etc are some of skin concerns.

One of the best example is Vitamin C , which is often used to treat skin pigmentation.

As Kbeauty is all about clear skin, it focuses on removing blemishes, pigmentation etc and there by bringing out your clear skin with improved complexion and texture.


Did you know that the area beneath your eye is easily prone to damage. It does not have any sebum producing glands. That is why , it is the first place to reflect your age and health concern .

That is why it is important to care your eyes specifically. Eye cream is a must and needs to be applied every night before you wind off.

Know why Night Skin routine is very beneficial to skin.


Probably every one of us now would be using a Sheet mask by now. Well not only this is refreshing but also so relaxing. Koreans use a sheet mask every night. Yes every night.  Well we can opt it to be every alternate night.

Sheet masks locks all the previous steps into your face and also provides extra hydration. The tons of hydration makes your skin look supple, and young.

If you still not sure of a sheet mask, take a look at this “Nykaa Sheet mask” for more details .


As most skin experts say, moisturising the best thing you could do to you skin. Kbeauty has a tons of products from gels, emulsions, night creams to sleep mask.

All does one thing Hydration. You can choose your product based on your skin type and need.


Well, all these steps goes vain if you don’t protect your skin from sun, that is why Kbeauty believes in sunscreen a lot.

The Morning and Night routine is almost the same, except a few steps like skipping the sunscreen in night and sheet mask in day. The rest of the process is almost same.

Since most of the kbeauty products are mostly light weight and water based, you can layer it easily under makeup.

sometimes you can use an active ingredient like the TCEA 1% barrier cream over an active pimple and make it disappear quick.

barrier cream - kbeauty- acne

Yes you can choose your favorite step and follow it. It just needs the basic understanding of the products and skin routine.

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