June Fab bag : Boho Chic

June Fab Bag was themed under Boho Chic. Though I received the products very late, I am still happy about it .

This month Fab Bag was a neutral jute bag, themed for the father’s day I believe. It looks clean and spacious.

What is in the bag ?

According to your answer in the questionnaires and the choices you are curated various products. I received the following products Bio bloom Foot Cream, Sugar Lash Mob Limitless Mascara,Johara Creme Rich Lip Colour and APS Cosmetofood Organic Spring Water.

1. APS Cosmetofood- Activated Organic spring water:

APS Organic spring water-june fab bag

This is actually something like a makeup remover or face cleanser. It comes in a spray bottle, quite convenient to carry and use. It is priced Rs.270/- for 50 ml.

2.Bio Bloom Foot Cream

Bio Bloom Foot Cream

This is a great footcream. I used it twice and could see a lot of difference. It smells neutral, and quite moisturising. Unlike many foot creams, the cream actually stay a little longer on your feet without drying up. It is priced Rs.335/- for 50 ml.

3. Johara Creme Rich Lip Colour : Shade – Sunny Squash

Lip Stick from Johara

I must say this is my favorite product of the fab. The colour totally compliments by natural skin colour. The lipstick is smooth and glides evenly. It costly Rs.395/-

Lip stick Shad sunny squash

4.Sugar Lash Mob Limitless Mascara

One of the best brands Fab bag has tied up with. Previously I have tried the eyeliner from the same range and totally loved it. This one will defiantly go into the favourites of many.


Fab Bag4 is immensely popular among all these days. I believe the subscribers grow day by day. The reason for such subscription is the idea of getting products which coast twice the cost.

June Fab Bag 2017 - Biobloom foot cream, Sugar Mascara, Johara Lipstick and APS Spring Water
June Fab Bag5 2017 – Biobloom foot cream, Sugar Mascara, Johara Lipstick and APS Spring Water

Overall the products are good and useful. One thing that is out of concern is the bag was delivered very late.

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