It’s Saturday and let’s get indulged at BURGER KING

After serious recommendations from everyone I tried visited BURGER KING .

Okay apart from the fact it is a burger ,not so good for health, not an Indian product. Burger King was amazing !

I am not a fan of Burgers but “The WHOPPERS” are so so good.

I tried the Mutton Whoppers with Chicken Cheezy fries ! (please don’t roll your eyes . It was a cheat day and I simply splurged)


I couldn’t try any desserts. The atmosphere was okay there were so many people all around (At Phoenix Mall, Kurla Mumbai) bit of chaos though.

The service was awesome, everyone had a CROWN.


PRICE : Nominal ,there are many tempting offers and combo

ATMOSPHERE : I didn’t like it . It was kind of too crowded (may be because it was a weekend)

FOOD : Taste is too good.


WILL I recommend : Yes , you should try the Whoppers.

HOME DELIVERY : Not sure . I have not seen any ads

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