I Too had a Pimple Story !

Well ,as teenagers everyone goes through two stories !

1.A Love Story

2.A Pimple story.

My pimple story lasted till last year, I was having a 12 year relationship with it. I am 27 now. It all began with a small acne on the nose.(Right on the nose, feeling I looked like a clown I poked it, after that I was a clown). Finally it started spreading across checks and forehead.

Briefer history:

  • My acne was terrible in school and worsen during college days.
  • I also took the Acetone treatment, including the famous Benzoyl peroxide and Salicylic acid together with Antibodies
    The result was instant, but it will resume very aggressive soon after a small breakout.
  • I was a fairly decent active person and working out or any form of physical exercise was always there.

Few things I learnt after very hard lessons:

2012 | 2014 | 2015 The First picture was when the acne was terrible, the second was the time it reoccurred. The last one is shot while I wrote this article.

1. Moistening is absolutely essential.

2. Keeping dandruff at bay,I had made a habit of cleansing my hair with an antidandruff shampoo once a week in spite of the occurrence of it.

3.For the same reason I rarely style my hair with bangs.

4.Dairy did break me out, so if I feel like I am breaking out I completely cut down dairy(This I learnt very late)

5.Get your hormones and body conditions checked.

6.Sleep Well, I have observed a late night sleep, affected my skin.

7.Constipation does cause breakout, keep your guts clean and hydrated.

8.With drinking water I am still struggling , try to get your daily water potions.

9.Including more fruits ,veggies . Lots of diet with fiber in them.

10.Everyone says to Workout, but rarely people say about cleansing after it. Though your skin gets cleansed automatically, people who are acne prone please follow a regular routine in cleansing and MOISTURIZING after workout.

11.Last and very important, no pricking.

What I have done to overcome Acne ?

What I have done might not stop your problem, you know your skin better. The one thing you can get from this content is Acne is curable. Keep your inner body good and healthy.

1. surprisingly I stopped all the treatment, yes out of frustration but it gave results.

2. Checked my hormones and got it controlled(I have hypothyroid, and under medication)

3.No Pricking

4.Reduced body heat, but including natural coolants like drinking lots of water after waking up.Started applying Mehandi which does reduce heat so much naturally and effectively

5.No Dandruff

6.No over washing of face. Just twice a day.

7. Moisturize every time.

8.I have done no facials for a year and my skin blesses me.(I don’t have a scientific proof, but I have avoided unnecessary packs and creams).In fact I am using much more cosmetic than before and I never breakout.Just one or two pimple here and there during my cycle which I am trying to find a solution by reducing heat.

9. Night routine.I religiously follow a good night routine.

10.Apply vitamin E oil in my scars and its visibly reducing.These oil is cheap and available at medical shops, the cheaper one costs around 60/- and it worked for me.Else even the baby Vitamin oil is good.

While trying a new product for hair or face just check if it is “Dermatologist tested”. Now a days all brands take care of it.

I find young girls taking so much and feeling bad ,having low confidence if they have pimples.So are some advertisement.Having a healthy skin is important, but that comes with a healthy body ,creams might solve it temporally but to get a permanent solution we need to take care of the inner self. Respect the body, your face and yourself cause it is yours.

Even actress and models you worship have had these problems.It is how you handle it.Even I used to Photoshop images to remove pimples before posting in a social site , but not anymore. I have learnt that a small pimple cannot change my personality and those who judge me with that is not needed around me.
Trust me I have had lots of embarrassed , from a stranger to those perky aunts who sees would comment on my acne, even ‘after it cleared they would still remind how bad it was. Just don’t mind or get offended, it’s a part of life.

Some fact to cheer you up, Oily skin tends to age less so be grateful. At times I feel a pimple bursting lets me know I am younger in my teens.(Just a weird logic, who cares it cheers me up).

Have a great body image and don’t let anyone spoil your confidence. “Unkempt hair of someone turned to be a revolutionary messy bun hairstyle” . It is you who could create a bold statement with what others think as disgrace.

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