Travelling with baby becomes tricky and requires a lot of patience.Few tips for making flight easy for babies and parents.

With Baby Z, I have been travelling since her fourth month. With time she has adjusted well and we also are now quite handy of few tips and tricks to make things work to make flight easy for babies and toddlers.


Pressure Issue:

First issues is, in flights there is decrease in pressure whenever the flight takes off or lands, most babies don’t handle it well.Even we might have experienced ear block or ear pain.

Remedy :

As the crew always says feed the baby while take-off and landing. Not necessarily milk or anything, just water is more than fine. The idea is to make their mouth open so that the pressure is not developed and your ears aren’t in pain.

Boring Issue:

Sitting in one place and turbulence related issue can make the baby cranky. As most flights don’t have enough leg space sitting in one place might be very boring to your kid. Sometimes we need to sit down due to turbulence and the baby might get irritated.


Choose a aisle seat, this is best cause you can always walk you baby up and down on the free time without making someone to getup each time.

Small babies or even toddlers will not be fascinated by the view so choosing a aisle seat is way better.

Diaper Issues:

Preparing the baby, way before the flight takes off will not be helpful. Change diapers just before boarding.

Clothing Issues:

Dress your kid in quite comfortable clothes. Don’t fancy around shoes or tight clothing.

Once I made Zia wear a tight skirt unknowingly. She started crying and we were assuming it was because of the flight, Later we realised it was the dress and after removing it, she was totally fine.

Though it is not so advisable it is something which will work 100% is showing kids videos throughout the journey.

As most flight journey is at the most two hours, you could opt to engage them in videos while you have settled in the flight.Just avoid them during the waiting time.

Aircraft rules:

Based on my Experience in India, web check in isn’t allowed for babies, so you need to be present in person.

Don’t worry you can always use the special needs queue in case you are travelling with baby alone or with partner.

Some aircraft request you to use the same belt for both baby and yourself (AirIndia), while a few others(goAir, Indigo) have a extra belt,so that you could tie it with yourself and the baby.

Baby food can be carried with the hand luggage. You can even get any food item like a cookie or fruit bowl from the crew. 

How to handle babies before the trip:

If you are lucky enough to have a particular schedule your baby falls asleep, choose that hour for your flight.

In our case we usually choose the evening or morning flights as Baby sleeps in a pattern.

If you have a running toddler, then engage them well in the airport or during transit to airport, so that they fall asleep as soon as the flight takes off.

Let them play,run, carry push pull your suitcase and get engaged to the surrounding.

Most of the space in an airport after security check in is safe and it is also stress free for parents.

Just make sure they are in your eyesight. It is easy to get lost in huge airports.

Board the plane at last after all the passengers are in, that way your baby will not feel like she is confined or restricted by you.

Most of the time you will need to wait a lot of time since boarding to takeoff. It will be quite frustrating for the child and you.

Carry-on Essentials

  1. Food and water for baby in a proper container.

  2. Diaper, wet tissues ,hand sanitiser and paper/cover to dispose diaper.

  3. Extra set of easily wearable clothes.

  4. Toys.

  5. Socks for baby(it can get cold in the flight) and a stole/dupatta just in case you need to breastfeed the baby.

  6. Cookies/fruits for the baby.

Make sure your handbag or carryon is lightweight. You will have to carry your baby and the bag(incase you are travelling alone).

Make sure the bag needs to be easy to open and close also.

A backpack will be totally great for all your requirements. Keep your phone and wallet in your pockets.



Your baby will also get a boarding pass and these will be quite intimidating to them, as we will be carrying it around with us all the time. So try to keep the boarding pass somewhere unreachable to kids.

In international airports , you will get a pram which you could use till the security check in.

Also sometimes small shopping cart like trolleys are available. You could put in your hand luggage and carry your baby effortlessly till the boarding gate.

If requested you can get assistance either in a golf car or someone from the crew will be helping you.

While travelling alone with the baby, don’t carry more than one hand baggage. Also while using a luggage make sure you carry just the essentials. There might be worst case, like you will need to carry your luggage and baby together.

You can always ask someone to help you off with the luggage in the convener belt.

Just be prepared in quite a simple fashion and carry limited things.

I have been travelling back and fourth with baby Z and each time it is a new experience. Nowadays it is easier. I get lots of questions while travelling from copassengers, about how difficult it is to manage child in flight.

The answer  is “actually very easy we just need to be prepared and cool”.

I sometimes find mothers getting petrified when their baby starts crying. They feel bad when the co passengers find uncomfortable.

This will in-turn make the baby uncomfortable and insecure. The best thing one could do is just ignore the surrounding and start concentrating on the baby. Let the co passenger crib or complain, just don’t worry.

Actually it is okay. They will be okay, issues will be mainly due to the confined space and new faces that is all. The more cool you are the more cool your baby will be.

If the baby cries in flight, try following the below steps in any order convenient to you

 ♥: Feed them.

♥: If possible walk or at least stand with the crew.

♥: Check diaper explodes

♥ Loosen the clothing, remove shoes and divert the baby.

♥ Stay calm and your baby will calm them easily.

Like this post, then please do share them. Also I would like to know your experience travelling with children.

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