How to paint your nails like a pro

Painting Nails has been a huge task to all of us ! Am sure there is not a single girl out there who doesn’t like to paint her nails, let it be short,long or all bitten off ,we all love to do that !

Simple tricks and tips 

How to paint Nails like Professional

  • Shake it up baby ! Ya that’s true,get your nail polish all warm. Either by shaking it up or rubbing with your palms.
  • Apply Vaseline/Coconut oil around the edges(Vaseline works better !) of your fingers.
  • Use a nail polish base coat (Highly recommend it .It serves has a base from those colours getting pigmented on your nails)
    Base paint
  • Dip the Nail polish brush well into the bottle ,dab the excess from one side. First one stoke in the middle,then another two on both sides.
    plain nails
  • Wait for a while.
  • Then go for the second coat.
    Guccio Red
  • If you are not able to get the coats properly ,it is time to throw away the nail polish or change the brand.It will not work(If you have any luck,drop two or three drops of Nail polish remover in it,shake well and do the same exercise)
  • Then go ahead with applying a TOP COAT(It can be any clear polish).You can avoid this step if you are using a GEL Nail Polish.
    Reverse French tip
  • Wear a glove while washing utensils or working in Kitchen to avoid the manis getting spoiled.

How to choose a Nail polish 

Nail Polish stack

  • Choose a nail polish that runs well. When you apply the nail polish,it should not leave any spots untouched.Then your nail polish is good to throw out. Still you can make it work by dropping two or three drops of nail polish remover in it (I used the tinner available at paint stores it worked,but not sure of the quality,still you can go with the nail polish remover.
  • Colours of different skin tones Fair : All colours go well,expect neon ( you can experiment though.I personally love french mani’s on fair skinned person,if going for brighter shades keep your length short) Wheatish : Bright colours go well ,stay away from tones that match exactly your skin,it will look ugly ! Dark  : Blessed ,you can go with any colour and any length [P.S : It is my observation,has I always believe Fashion and Style Evolve ,you can always experiment]
  • Colours of different Occasions  Official : Nude /White/Pink/Classic French Manis Causal : Pastels Colours , Black,Blue,Coral,Green Party    : Glitters,Neon,Red
  • Invest high in colours you will wear often and less in those one time go Well this is not a tip ,pure common sense, sometimes we would like to try NEON colours. Go for cheaper ones. But a good quality nail polish gives the best finish that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive,as said before check the flow.
    Nail Polish

My Favorite Brand MAYBELLINE COLOUR SHOW : Economical (small one is cheaper I think I got for Rs.60/-) LAKME ABSOLUTE STYLIST GEL POLISH (Rs.450/-) worth the money. Other cheaper brands  ELLE 18 Nail Pops Nail Trend(Local brand, good one with lots of variety and nice flow) If you like this post,do let me know ! Also I would love to see your nails painted well

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