How to make homes smell better – essential oil blend and diffusers

We all love fresh smelling home, somehow due to the weather or closed windows homes tend to smell mushier. That is when diffusers come in handy.

There are various kind of diffusers from the traditional tea light to the air purifying one. All does the same job with various efficiency.

Why use a Diffuser


Home, office etc not only needs cleaning of the surface , but also clean air. That is when diffuser comes in hand. It is just not for the aromatic purpose, the oil which we use in the diffusers has properties to purify the air, balance our mind and hormones and also said to improve the positive vibe in the place.

Essential oils like Peppermint and Orange, Lemon is said to increase the alertness of mind and in-turn increase our productivity. These are best suited for workplace and study areas.

Also while diffusing Lavender with Neev/ Cedar wood it is said to calm down the sense and brings good sleep and reduces anxiety in homes.

Types of Diffuser

1. Traditional Tea light diffuser
This burns as long as there is enough water and candles below, not suited for AC room.

2. Electric Bulb Diffuser
This burns has long as there is enough. Though they are not reliable has the bulbs tend to fuse.

3. Electric Diffuser/Ultra sonic diffuser
Best form of diffusers, uses less product and also is highly reliable can be used in AC rooms too.

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How to use Diffusers ?

Diffuser needs an Essential oil of your Choice and purpose. A heat source which can be electric or candle, lamp etc and water.

Traditional Diffuser.

There will be a shallow dish on top of the tea light holder, fill it with water and add few drops of essential oil. You can even mix essential oil according to your preference. Allow the tea light candle to burn. Place it in an area where the aroma can fill the room.

Cautions and tips:

1. Be careful while using Essential oil. It is not recommended in homes with infants, pregnant moms and pets.
2. Since it uses a heat source and essential oil, it needs to be kept in a safe place away from children and pets.
3. Some essential oil can be allergic to certain person, so be cautious while using it. Safe ones are Peppermint, orange, Lavender (not recommended for pregnant moms).

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4. Try new mix. You will be surprised to see the effects.

Some of my favorites are

10 drops of pepper mint and 4 drops of orange (perfect on day, and work hours).
Lemongrass is great on a cleaning day. Better used on days when the place is wet ( raining cloudy days). Lavender and cedar wood on nights to calm and reduce anxiety.

Diffuser is such a great addition to homes and workplace, it can lift the entire aura and vibe effortlessly. Do try them. Not a sponsored post.

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