How to Declutter and be happy and bproductive


Declutter is the first basic process to be productive. What decluttering does is, it gives us clear space.

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De Clutter is quite simple and organised. De cluttering Office, kitchen, your handbag(yes you heard it right ), your phone and even email can cause a serious improvement in self and family.

coffeetabletalks-declutter-productivity- tips

Okay I am not talking anything spritual, it is quite logical. Let’s take an example. Just answer the following questions

  1. Do you constantly search your handbag for things
  2. Do you keep looking for stuff always like keys, books, whatsoever
  3. You always tend to clean up and yet find yourself in a messy situation.

Then you need to start decluttering for a stress-free life.

Simple ways to start Decluttering

Start with your Handbag/Purse/Wallet

  1. Just go through your bag and find all those receipts,tickets, wrappers and   throw them away.
  2. Open your wallet, count your money and seperate coins if you have any. ( Having coins inside your may weigh down your wallet and will result in improper fit or tearing out)
  3. Throw in a ,a mouth refreser , a notepad and a pen.
  4. If you happen to have makeup inside your bag, use a seperate pouch. ( That way you will not spoil your bag and it will be convientient when you go for a makeup break)
  5. Find a place for your key and always keep it there( please use a keychain) it is easier to find.
  6. needs to kept in a pouch or use a holder. That way they remain untangles.
  7. Always use a pouch to store your coolers or specs.

Your biggest mess is sorted out, try to keep this the same way.

2. Declutter your Electronics

  1. Backup photos and delete those multiple selfies.
  2. Delete contacts you have not used for a year.
  3. Check out the apps and applications rarely used and uninstall them
  4. Run a reboot or  a device checkup  on Mobiles
  5. Clear your inbox
  6. Clear your Homepage in Mobile, Desktop and just keep the basics ( not more that 5 apps)

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clear office desk
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3.Declutter your Desk/Office

  1. Open your Office Drawers and Trash/shread/throw away papers not used.
  2.  Sort your stationaries, keep only one set of pen,pencil etc.
  3.  Donate or gift the extra diaries, which you have not used for a long time.
  4. Keep a random box and throw in those stuffs which you will not use now but still use it occasionally. Keep the box out of sight.
  5. Change your Desktop Wallpaper.
  6. In your are into [amazon_textlink asin=’B06Y15H192′ text=’posters’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’ctt2811-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’6319aca3-b62d-11e7-afee-2537edeceedb’] revamp and add new posters for your motivation.

Wires are the biggest mess in your desk, sort it out by following the tips in our previous post linked here.

4. Declutter Wardrobe

  1. Identify your size and current favorite kind of attire.
  2. Toss away those dress which you have not used in three months.
  3. Keep a minimal dress wardrobe, you can refer our previous posts for these.
  4. Sort the dress into three categories Donate , Trash and Reuse.
  5. Bags and shoes also go into this category.
  6. Have a seperate place/box for undergarments and socks
  7. Clear your makeup stash, throw away products based on expiry date

But before all that sort and clear your laundry, we also have a post which can help you on that. 

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5. Declutter Home

This will be a huge process. Start with each room from bath,bedroom,living room and kitchen. Go from small to large.

Have 3 0r  4 box namely Donate, Trash, Repair/reuse, Sell

Based on which you can go ahead.

Don’t hold products or stuffs that are related to sentiments, they infact occupy a large space. Keep the feels throw away the stuff you are not using regularly.

Mecrilessly throw away stuffs into these boxes. If you find it difficult, get help from a friend or family member.

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coffeetabletalks-declutter-productivity- tips

Points to remember while  Decluttering:

Decluttering is not organising, it is throwing away stuffs which you are not using or not needed by you.

Always try to donate stuffs. Just give it to your maid or even a friend who might need it. (without asking money)

Still you have stuffs then sell it online or even to the person who buys old things.

Go slow, you can’t do all of this in a day. Have a deadline and work on this for a month.

Decluttering will make your life simpler and will make you think for the next time when you buy something.

Make it a rule to throw stuff away before buying anything new. Hope you enjoyed reading this article, feel free to comment your feedback.

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