Taming your Curly Mane : Curly hair routine

Curly hair routine

Fall in love with your curly hair. Curly hair routine can be really tiresome.

Coffeetabletalks has come up with easy curly hair routine. Even wavy hair type can follow them for  more bouncier and manageable mane.

The biggest problem with the curly hair  or even wavy type is the maintenance . With humidity, sleep or anything against its will it will become quite messy.

Actually curly hair is quite beautiful and when maintained well just brings out the diva in you.


Personally, my hair type is straight and wavy at the ends. It is quite dense and unmanageable most of the time.

I either end up cutting in layers or you could often/always spot me in a bun. After testing and researching from various bloggers on and off the net. Here is the fool proof method to embrace your curls.

Know your hair type:

We all broadly fall under Straight, wavy and curly hair (Kinky hair type). Did you know there are different by-sections in these. From Type Wavy 2A, 2B and 2C to Curly 2A, 2B,2C.


Knowing your hair type is really essential as it will help you choose the products wisely. Wavy hair beauties can also try these steps. I have ideas that could condition any unruly hair !


Why is your hair behaving unruly !

Because they are damaged and have lost moisture. 

Curly hair by nature gets rough and dry easily. The first step you could do is to AVOID SILICONE OR SULPHATES BASED SHAMPOO.

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Other hair types can loose moisture due to various reasons like over shampoo, washing in hot water or not proper conditioning.


Introduce Co-washing in curly hair routine.

That is using maximum of conditioner and less of shampoo on days you feel there is not much dirt sticking around your hair.

Some of the basic products that is a MUST for beautiful curls.

  1. Sulphate and silicone free shampoo – BBlunt Intense Moisture Shampoo for dry hair
  2. Conditioner- BBlunt Intense Moisture conditioner  , this comes in options for different hair type. Choose your favourite
  3. Leave in Conditioner – You have to apply this on wet hair  after conditioning and DONOT WASH – BBlunt Hyper curls
  4. Hair Gel – Enliven hair gel

These are products I tried and it worked for my wavy hair. There are other products from Garnier, Schwarzkopf, L’Oreal, Wow Organics, OGX for a start.

In Short OGX and Schwarzkopf, have  a whole lot of products for Curly hair. You can check them out here.

Always apply conditioner, leave-in conditioner, gel etc in the squish to condish pattern for better looking curls.

Basic rule of Hair Washing 101

Mix shampoo with water, and ONLY ON THE ROOTS AND SCALP.

Work along with fingers and gently try to elimate the dirt. (Ladies, we wash our hair every other day, trust me you will not have dirt that you will have to scrap away) .


Now for curly hair beauties or those who want to have curly hair without heat.

Apply conditioner in squish and condish pattern. ( there are lots of videos demonstrating here). 

Squish 2 condish method is the best for everyone who needs curls. It worked for me. Point to remember, don’t untangle or keep your hands on head after this method, else you will be decurling everything.

Always wear a leave-in conditioner. Try the . It worked for me.

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Style your hair when wet using depending on your hair type and requirement ( optional, but when used gives a nice locks, works great for curly hair).


Curly hair gets damaged a lot when using fine tooth comb or brush. Always use a wide tooth comb to untangle the knots. Use the comb from bottom to up i.e start removing the tangles from the ends of the hair and then reach upwards.




Your bed is the place where your hair turns out a mess. Wear a pineapple bun and place a ( only for those who want seriously beautiful curly hair)


Blow drying curly hair can only make it more unmanageable. Instead you could use a diffuser or air dry it. This works even for wavy hair.


The Wahl hair drier which comes with a diffuser has recieved lots of good rating. You can buy it in Amazon.


It is generally important for everyone to deep condition your hair( granny technique of oiling).

It is EXTRA IMPORTANT for curly hair.

Mine change before and after using these curly hair routine. ( Anyone can try !)

If my naturally wavy hair could be transformed, it will be easier for curly hair beauties.

Products I used

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