Holachef.com Food Delivery – Review


Holachef is a Mumbai based food delivery service.

Holachef.com works with expert chefs who cook from Holachef’s centralised kitchen.

Holachef operates in Mumbai,NaviMumbai and Pune.

holachef.com review

How it works?

Simple,all you need to do

  •  Login into their website or Holachef app.
  • Then give your location(pin code).
  •  And select the meal.
  • Finally pay for it.The best thing is you get to have a variety of meal each day.

Holachef.com Services:

  1. Any Meal item from the list.
  2. Add Flavors – snacks & drink
  3. Buy Diwali Hamper- Pre-ordering is available and delivery will start from 20th October 2016.
  4. Also Party Orders
  5. And Corporate Orders

Brownie Points:

Holachef  has its own wallet system.We can add points by referring a friend or add points using any payment systems.

You can use the couponcode -“UMADEVI7E5LA” and earn brownie points worth Rs.150 on orders above Rs.150/-. It’s a limited offer. This coupon is valid up to December 2016.

Other Services of HolaChef.com

1.Gift a meal: Select a meal and send it to a friend as a gift.

2. Corporate offers:  You can even gift your either work team with a meal

Coffeetabletalks Review:

coffeetabletalks.com – coffeetabletalks.com review

We ordered a meal, a sweet and lots of flavors which included Quinoa roasts, nutribars, meal supplements, drinks etc.

I liked the package and the delivery of the items.

Taste: Good

Package: Neat packaging.

Delivery time: Reached on time.

Payment: They have a variety of options.

Price: Reasonable

Points of Concern: Personally would’ve felt more appetising if the meal containing many side-dishes are packed separately.

Coffeetabletalks highly recommends it.

Coffeetabletalks is on Instagram, bloglovin,twitter and pinterest, google + do share some love !!

Want us to review any other product. Then do let us know in the comment section or drop an email at contactcoffeetable@gmail.com.


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