What is healthy weight ?

Healthy Weight , what is it actually ?

Throughout our life, we are thinking of either increasing or decreasing our weight. Some of us did even find us to be in right weight and we did love maintaining it.

For a long time, I believed having a six pack or a hour glass figure is healthy. It took me ages to understand that, it is not that.

Weight management
Weight management

But what is a healthy weight ? 

According to my understanding it is having the right BMI for our height, weight, age and gender.

But to most of the people in our Indian society think healthy weight is looking strong ( meaning even if you are exploding your BMI, if you look good to their eyes you are healthy ! ).

Okay for those who don’t understand, I have got a friend who looks very lean , but has an accurate BMI.

She is lean because it’s in her gene and also she is having a good bone weight. She is not having any complications like anaemia, thyroid or any sorts, still people deem her to be unhealthy. Simply because she looks thin as a stick.

It is really frustrating when we come across people who know nothing about weight or it’s management.

Another story about another friend, who is struggling to reduce her weight. She is quite an active person, and religiously works out. She is quite regular in diet but due to certain hormonal imbalance her weight is fluctuating and when people don’t encourage her she becomes demotivated and get into emotional eating.

Reducing weight is not that easy, only people who are obese could understand it.


These two are common stories and I am sure anyone could relate to it. It is easy to say ‘reduce your weight, you look heavy’, or ‘put on some weight, you look sick ? ‘ but only those in that shoes will know how it is ? not only by eating or not eating can one manage one’s weight.

We need to understand the process behind it, the condition of each body.

Basic understanding of each body ?

  • Each one is different, similarly it is with weight. What works for one may or may not work for other.
  • A good diet is essential for both weight gain and weight loss. Skipping meals or eating like there is no tomorrow will not be helping any.download
  • Exercising is absolutely necessary for both cases. Know the right exercise for your body and understand your shape and structure well.For example, some people will look lean , but will often have a huge tummy, or nice big calf muscles and floppy arms. Those people will have to do targeted exercise.
  • A walk or a run in treadmill can be refreshing but it is not the only thing one should do in a gym.
    Always work out with some strength training, anybody in the gym can help you. If you are working in home, try lifting small pounds.
  • Keeping the inner body well is quite important. Which means flushing away toxins, once again water is the only source for it.Always keep your bowel clean and regular, it makes your body light and skin glowing.
  • During pregnancy, it is essential to gain weight, but always consult with your doctor on how you could gain weight in a healthy way.
  • While eating, understand the components you eat, that is you should know what are carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  • Eating too much carbohydrates and being in a sedentary lifestyle would add to increase in weight.
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  • Always try to stretch a little, like taking lifts, drinking fruit juices without sugar, avoiding soda drinks and limiting  junk food.
  • Always encourage people who are struggling for a weight management issues, all they need is a constant encouragement and support87d2ffea8e179d54d9c27b456cc0cdf0
  • If someone is trying to maintain their weight and is making a huge scene about carbs and unhealthy eating, don’t mind or mock that person.It is their personal choice, but do step in if they are choosing some unhealthy measures like  skipping meals or drinking some substitutes or some slimming pills.
  • Monitor your body conditions regularly like Iron, calcium, thyroid, B Complex , Vitamin D etc. Deficiency in these will make one sluggish and look unhealthy even if you are in good weight(correct BMI).

How does staying in good weight helps ?

  • Starting from diabetes, heart problem, knee problem to anything that attacks you easily in your old age is often associated with these weight and improper diet in our younger age.
  • You are healthy, happy and stress free.
  • Being attractive, is not a point here !


Please feel free to comment down on these issues, it might help thousands of people who are dealing with this.

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