Healthy Living ,lets make a change from this year

Have you people ever have written fitness in your TODO list . Most of us write it in the beginning of the year and we forget. Ya me too !

Okay let’s accept it. Most of us hate to follow a routine. We often indulge in unrealistic eating like those unlimited buffets and combo Pizza offers not wrong actually but how many of us try to compensate it but a few calorie burning activity.

Do we at least use stairs on that day ? How many of us waited for minutes to get to the very next floor. How many of us use lift even to go down the stairs! and those guilty pleasure’s built up around increasing the size,making you get a new jean and most of all you look way more than your age.

Why do we need to take care of these ?

1.Is it to look young ? NOO…

2.Is it to find a Girl/boy ? BIG NOOOO … (Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder)

3.Is it to boost your self confidence ? Sorry You are having it already just realize.

4.Is it to make other’s WOW ? No , you can Wow anybody with your character and behavior !

Then What the Hell is it for ? Okay , it is for a healthier you. It is for those unnecessary weights you add through the years causing lots of damage to yourself, your pockets(Imagine the amount of money you spend on doctors,medicines and of course your health Insurance).

Also to have a healthier old age , to handle oneself independently without any assistance.  I am stressing this because have you ever wondered how our grandparents carried themselves healthy and even at very old age they didn’t have any heart problem.

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Imagine the rate of adults at the age of 40 now started to slip in diabetes tablet every now and then. What did we miss ?

Here are few lifestyle changes which I would recommend and I have following for past five months. It did big a huge difference. And for your information I am a 26 years old female who weighs 62 kg(Idle on BMI ! and I am comfortable with it, now targeting on 60 )height 165cm  now ,married. I am a huge junkie, love food and eating out. If I am able to maintain my weight (one might raise your brows, people who know me will know how much I eat ) even after eating out almost every day, definitely you can !! 

In fact now I feel healthier,happier and glowing(that’s what some of my friend’s saying) than before I did few lifestyle modifications.Also my long suffering Acne problem is completely gone !

First thing you need to understand is your tummy is not garbage ,and don’t throw food,it is not going to appreciate you !

1.Please please avoid MAIDA and any of those products. WHY ? cause Maida stays in your tummy, it has Zero nutritional value and it does nothing except increasing your sugar content and causing you constipation.

What are those products ? I would not like to mention the company names but products like instant noodles(regular ones) have a lot. Imagine the amount of noodles you ate while being a Bachelor.

2. Studies show those “Chicken which are breed for just meat” have lots of toxins ,yes their eggs too and cause the amount of testosterone ( a male hormone) to  increase. Children reach the puberty age soon because of it. I am not asking you to stop ,you can reduce the intake. Switch to DESI Chicken instead, FISH ,Prawns are better alternatives. (this includes fried chicken’s also please avoid those)

3.Reduce the Cheese,pizza and all those fast food. ( It is still difficult for me too, but reduce it ! )

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4.Most of us from South parts of India are well addicted to Parottas. It is also maida !

Well now what you need to do !

1. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

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2.Steam your food,even non veg dishes rather than frying them. Grilling is also a better option

3.Be a racist, switch to Brown and hate white. Yes brown rice, brown bread and brown sugar(no not a drug,kind of sugar).

4.Drink WATER !!! a lot actually.

5.Go Organic.There are certain food items which we completely forgot .

  • Switch to PAlM SUGAR panam karkandu (பணம் கற்கண்டு), karuppatti (கருப்பட்டி), panai karuppatti (பனை கருப்பட்டி), panai vellam, pananj chakarai .
  • Switch to Millets instead of rice . Millets like Kodo Millet (Hindi: Kodra; Tamil: Varagu; Telugu: Arikelu; Kannada:Harka), Sorghum (Hindi: Jowar; Tamil: Cholam; Telugu: Jonna; Kannada: Jola; Malayalam: Cholum,Pearl Millet (Hindi: Bajra, Tamil: Kambu, Telugu: Gantilu, Kannada: Sajje),Little Millet (Hindi: Kutki; Tamil: Samai; Telugu: Sama; Kannada: Same; Malayalam: Chama) etc.
  • Not sure of how to cook, ask your parents(provided they had been in villages, or your grandparents they will know ,also don’t worry I will be posting recipes on that).
  • Where to get ,any organic shops you can nowadays even supermarkets have few variety. In Fact KambuFlakes(Similar to Corn Flakes) are even available.
Palm Sugar Ready made Kambhu powder .

6. Concentrate on intakes vitamins(which are in fruits and vegetables) and proteins (dal,sprouts, fish and meat).

7. Carbs and Sugar should be minimal.

8. Switch your unhealthy snacks with Fruits,Nuts,Figs,Dates,Raisins or even Multigrain biscuits(less tasteful,but if you insist).


9.While eating out be mindful in the food,lots of healthier and fat free and also tastier options are available. Like grilled items.

10.Little of walking or using the stairs as a beginner to adopting this.I promise to let you know about working out later.


” Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper!”.

Also eat small portions at regular interval like munching a fruit or a nut in between.

DON’T starve yourself. You are noway helping.

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How can you start all this ?

No one can do it all in one night, choose something which you might do more easily, and move on. For example avoiding Pizza’s and Cheese could be easier.

Drinking lots of water more easier.

Find yourself a company your friend,your spouse even your parent and ask them to be strict on you when you miss it and ask them to remind you about how you really wanted this change.

Persistence is very important. Nobody is perfect even I cheat a lot, but realise if you need a change only YOU can bring it. If you indulge on a little cheat diet , then try to compensate on little walking around.

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Within few weeks you will notice the difference ,later people around you and they when they compliment, please let me know!

Next post on Fitness and Healthy living will be two real life incidents of how anybody could have a MUSCULAR WELL DEVELOPED BODY( it’s a GUY POST) .

P.S : Most of it, I do follow often but not all the time, I also indulge in cheating. I would like to bring a change by writing ,sharing it to you in a way I am little selfish on that too .

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