Healthy Living : A small Head start

Here is a short write up on how to start a workout routine.



3. TIME ,You have make one.

4.Speaking of outfits, shoes Yes often good ones which don’t hurt you makes you go longer.

5.Any dress you are comfortable in.

How to Start ?

  • If you are planning a morning routine say starts at 6 AM in morning. Try waking up at 5.45 and maintain that for a week ,no need to any routine if you are not getting a motivation.
  • Try to get a motivation quote or something so everytime you look at it ,you really have the urge to start it.
  • Start by walks in your locality don’t worry people nowadays have become more aware ,often you can find someone in the area.
  • Fine ,if you really insist on a Gym enrollment, go on. Do your Cardios ,simply walk on Treadmill.
  • Once you find this routine okay(i.e you did this without skipping any day in between for about a week) .
  • Start slow jogging or fast paced walked.
  • To kick start the whole process try doing a fast faced boosters like Aerobics,Zumba or even Cycling.
  • Alternate the days with Cardio and Strength Training.
  • [Cheat ! If you compensate your Cardio with Aerobics, and do the Strength Training on the same day.Effects are really good,but be mindful you will be straining a beginner]
  • Once again Strength training you need not need the glamourous kettlebells or weights. Fill in your one litre coke bottles and lift them .
  • A Set of 10 with 3 repetitions for each exercise is really tiring if you are not used to take any weights(I mean even if you’re a person who has not even lifted your grocery bags).
  • For exercise Youtube is loaded with Hundreds, find a routine which you really like.
  • So go for One Repetition each exercise.
  • Start with the Biceps, easily visible results and encourages one to continue.
  • Each individual has their own metabolism rate,so no one tell that, you will know once you have worked out.
  • Be hydrated. As said no gulping water just sips in between.

Pre and Post workout:

  • Have a snack mostly a fruit or a nutribar before 30 minutes and also after your workout please have something to eat.
  • Give some time for your to rebuilt,effects will be really good.
  • To kick start ,try a GM diet before the whole process ,it encourages one. It really helped me.

Take Notes:

  • Take an inch table and note down the areas which you are targeting(like tummy,thighs,butt,arms) along the date.
  • After 15 days of workout try to update those.

All these were what I had followed. I am not in form right now(though I have maintained the weight ,but actually lost the toned muscles but I have started once again. The break was due to mere lose in motivation and of course wasted my Gym’s enrollment but now got it the motivation back and picked up ) .

It is not how late you started, there are still people who are couch potatoes.”

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