radha nagar beach, Havelock

Andaman has many islands in its surrounding. Neil Island, Ross and Havelock and many other places.

We planned only on Havelock. Believing there will be many ferries, we were too relaxed about the tickets.

But it was on that day of departure it dawned on us. All the Private ferries wrapped up for the season and only the government ones were there.

Unfortunately it was completely filled for the two days. We nearly stood for a while and we were really upset cause the whole Andaman was about Havelock for us.

We had few relatives and friends over there who suggested the Helicopter. At first I thought it was joke, but later I realised there is inter helicopter services between the island.

We didn’t know that and wasted hours and days in the queue. The fare was really reasonable around 1000 rupees (actually for the ferry it was 700/-) also in the Helicopter it is only 20 minutes compared to the ferry which is two hours.



We loved the travel. It was simply breathtaking. I was not allowed to take pictures or share those so I am completely at loss of words to explain how it was.

It was simply AWESOME. The wait was useful, we really loved it. The colour of the ocean and the islands was amazing from above.

It was quite evident that Havelock had the richest corals around it. We really wanted to Scuba dive. Check out our Scuba diving experience in the previous post.

scuba diving

We checked in at Seashells, once again being out of season we got a very good room for an amazing rate.

The food was good, the bar was too opened. We checked out many other resorts, nothing was as amazing as Seashells the rate was similar to resorts which was far less in standard and service.

seashells havelock DSC01272 DSC01280 DSC01385 DSC01384 Even there we rented a scooter and went for Scuba dive Then we went to the amazing Radhanagar Beach.


The white sand the evening sunset and the scenic waves near the mountain was like a painting. The sight so refreshing and wonderful.DSC01322 DSC01330 DSC01331 Radha nagar beach, havelock andaman nicobar islands I simply loved the beach . In Havelock, only thing was, we checked in at off season it was completely alone. It was because of that most of the attractions were closed.

Inspite of that we enjoyed the places with so much freedom and peace.


DSC01390 DSC01393 If you are planning for Andaman NEVER MISS Havelock no matter what the situation is. DSC01395