HAMPI: A Historic Gateway

Hampi ,it is the ruins of the VijayaNagara Empire.

Hampi is situated at 341 KM from Bangalore. Quite near to Hospet. We planned our trip from Bellary which is around 60 KM in Bike as it was a part of an official trip.

Started after having a heavy breakfast we biked for around an hour through the ruins, all one could find is huge stones and hills and little of human population around the villages.

The Virupaksha Temple welcomed us with its Majestic tower.

Inside the temple we found many sculptures. I loved the simplicity of the Vijayanagara architecture.

Most of it was just stones standing one on top of other.

Temple in the Center of City

There is a spot inside the temple where one can find the inverted shadow of the temple.

Roaming inside the temple, and after few photo sessions we left to the Vijayanagar to find the monolithic bull which stood alone in the ruins.

Temple Elephant
Temple Elephant
Often Monkeys pose well !


Having a own vehicle was good as it was our own time. From there we were roaming the streets to find the Mango Tree Restaurant . 

The very famous restaurant was once situated on the banks of Tungabhadra river but now moved inside the city.

This Restaurant serves all kinds of cuisines,quite famous among the foreign travelers.One could find a huge amount of foreign travelers lodge.

Then we visited the Narashimha temple and then to the Queen’s palace, Lotus Mahal(Very famous for movie song shoot) and the Elephant stable.

We visited the King’s throne where all of his palace in a mutilated state could be found.

There is a sacred tank located in the premise, for which the water flows from the river directly through the pipes(Imagine the engineers behind it) and goes to the Queen’s Bath.

We befriended a security there who explained the architecture and showed us the MEAL PLATES of the soldiers ! God knows how they even lifted those.

He also accompanied us to the secret passage which was indeed very thrilling, he had his own explanation to it.

The best thing about the place is it makes us to wonder how those people moved those stones, placed on top of one another and made a structure which withstood so long.

Hats of to the excavation team, they have done a wonderful job finding all the remains. I believe it is the only place in India which have so many excavated.

I have been to Mahabalipuram and Tanjore which have the remains of the old civilization, none have been excavated like this. Hampi has a rich civilization.


Located in Karnataka. Nearest hub is Hospet or Bellary.Bangalore is 340 KM from Hampi.


Comfortable clothing, it is too hot don’t forget your sun cream. Be mindful about the shoes you wear, lots of climbing and walking has to be done.(I didn’t know ended up having blisters all over my feet).


Early morning is preferable, all the places are strictly monitored and closes by 6 PM.

Also the route to Hospet from Hampi has no lights and is quite alone. Start early incase you are leaving in a day, else lots of rooms and accommodations are available.

All through the year it is full of people, if you have a cloudy day you are blessed !


Everything is available, a camera to shoot those beauties.


Anyone interested in architecture. Well attracted place for foreign visitors. But be prepared the climate is hot and you need to walk.


Museum : Closed on Friday ( I missed it cause went on a Friday)

The King’s Palace and the Sacred Tank.

Lotus Mahal and Elephant Stable.


Elephant Stable
Elephant Stable

Underground Sivan Temple – the temple has water inside , I didn’t go inside because the water didn’t seem that clean.


People attracting and misguiding tourists as in many other place.

Monkeys, Yes but they were not that notorious as the Matheran ones.

Other Points:

The whole place is stones and just stones, you need to have lots of patience and to appreciate the culture then.

Not sure why all the Cows and Bulls there chased me(TRUE!) might be cause of my pant colour(RICH ORANGE) Any one there to experiment that !


Yes ! I will

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