Glamego Box Vs Fab Bag comparison of the best beauty subscription box in India

Best beauty subscription box in India

Beauty subscription boxes in India are now spurting out every nook and corner. Everyone is into these subscription box. FAB Bag and GlamEgo are one such beauty subscription box in India which are in high demand.

Both Fab Bag and Glam ego are now leaders in beauty subscription box in India. Coffeetabletalks is going to compare them based on price, products, usage and service. Read through for more. We have also given you answers for basic Subscription box queries !

Fab Bag vs Glamego

Both the bags/boxes are beauty subscription boxes and almost give the same kind of products to its subscribers.

glambag vs fabbag price

Price of Fab Bag Vs Glamego:

The biggest concern for most of us is the price. Both the boxes are affordable in a way for a long term .

Glam ego costs 399/- for monthly subscription. For three months is 987/- which is pretty great offer.

Fab bag costs 599/- for monthly subscription. For Three months it is 1599/-

glambag vs fabbag products

Products in Fab Bag Vs Glam Ego:

Glam Ego : 

Four Beauty products from well known upcoming brands like ( Neemli, Bio bloom, Nature’s co, Blue heaven , nysaa etc) and sample products. Most of the brands they have collaborated are Indian based and budget friendly organic brands.

Glamego September box review
Glamego September box review

Fab Bag on the other hand gives the same 4-5 beauty and makeup products from slightly high end brands from all over the

world like Skinyoga, iraa, sugar cosmetics etc.

Fab Bag July 2017 Review
Fab Bag July 2017 Review

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glambag vs fabbag shipping

Shipping :

Shipping : Both includes shipping charges which comes under the basic price itself.

Returns and Cancellation : Strict policy to both( Once product shipped no cancellation, no cancellation for one month subscription etc)

Arrival of Product:

Glam Ego : On time, received products as per the schedule within the first week of the month

Fab Bag: Very bad in arrival, sometimes we get the bag in next month and two bags in a month issues are there. They are a headache in that.

glambag vs fabbag quality

Last date for Subscription :

Fab Bag : As far as I know they have a full month subscription, either you will receive the current month box or the next month box.

Glam ego: No specific date. You will receive the product from the month you have subscribed as per your plan

Questionnare quality and Shipping of product:

Fab Bag: If has a vague questionnaire and products actually are random.

Products vary for people depending upon the answers in the questionnaire.  During the middle of the month, you may get a mail asking you to select the shade of a product, depending on that each one may get a different product.

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Glamego: Everyone receives almost the same product, as their description says “Pre-selected products)

Referral or Loyalty Points:

Fab Bag used to give a new bag for anyone who refers a friend. Now they have taken that one out. You have points for every Rs.10/- spent. If you spend Rs.100/- you will have 10 points( which is worth Rs.10) and you can redeem them.

Glamego I have not come across any thing like that. Though they give a 40%  or 50 % voucher on every box.

In Store purchase store Availability

Both Fab bag and Glamego has the instore available(many subscription  bags have, while a few don’t).

You can buy individual products for the original/discounted rates at their stores.

Final Review of Glamego box :

If you are new to subscription boxes choose

Glamego for hassle free subscription and value to money.

If you are more in beauty products rather than makeup products you can choose Glamego.

♦  Price : 5/5

♦  Products : 3.5/5

♦  Shipping and service : 4/5

Glamego Review

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Final Review of Fab Bag:

Fab Bag is one of the affordable subscription boxes in India, They have mostly good brands.

If you are more into makeup, you can try Fab Bag as they have great products.

♦  Price: 3/5

♦  Products: 4/5

♦  Shipping and service:2/5

Fab Bag Review

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For those who don’t know.

What are Beauty Subscription Box ?

Beauty subscription box or any subscription box is one where you pay a considerable amount for subscription( one /three/six/year). Based upon which you will get beauty products every month.

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Why should you subscribe to Beauty subscription box ?

  •  1. If you are beauty enthusiastic then, this would be heaven because you will be introduced to new brands
  • 2.Sometimes these bags give you products from big brands at very less price(they have tie-ups with the brands, thats why they can afford).
  • 3.You will get full size or sample size as per the plan that month. Atleast two full sized products will be available in the box.

How will they know my preference and issues while buying beauty product ?

Well, each of us will have concerns like oily skin, acne, dry skin, dandruff, undereye etc. Some of us will like to wear less makeup, or some might like to wear dark colour lipsticks. So for all of these there is a solution.

When you register, you will need to answer the quiz which will talk about your preference in makeup and skin concerns.Based on which they will send you items in the bag.

Usually, there will be a skin product, makeup product, bath product and wellness product. Based on your answers in the quiz this will change.

What you should keep in mind while buying subscription boxes ?

  1. You will recieve products based on your answers in questionnare, so be careful while answering so that your concerns are heard.
  2. At some point in a month, you will recieve a mail asking for preference of product, don’t delay it as it might delay your shipping or you might recieve a default product which you may not like.
  3. Not all will receive the same products.

Personally I have a regular subscriber of Fab Bag since 2014 and Glamego since few months. I have not always felt good about the service Fab Bag gives.

Nearly 80% of time I received the products towards the end of the month. Right now I have stopped the subscription since I am getting most of the products I want in Glamego at much cheaper price.

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