Game of Thrones – Book Review

Game of Thrones series has been a massive hit, yet many may not have read the book version.

Being a fan of the series , we are reviewing the book  written by George R R Martin.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

The HBO series season 1 is a complete replica of the book Game of Thrones, there has been no changes in the book and the series.So what is the hype over this series.

About the Plot:

The plot is around the fight, betrayal, killing, plotting of the people in the Seven Kingdom who want to get their ass placed in the Iron Throne.

CoffeeTable Rating:

If you are planning to watch the series, please read the book. Though there is not much difference in the series or the first book.

If you have no idea what this series is or have not known about the author’s style of writing, then you will truly enjoy.

Expect a lot of twists and turns. Game of thrones is one such book you can’t put down. Never miss it.

Synopsis(spoilers ahead)

The book begins with the Night watch encountering the Others.

Gives a brief of all the characters in the eyes of Bran and Catylen Stark. It introduces us to all of Eddard Stark’s children.

Talks much about Winterfell and it’s household.

Here and there the author throws in pieces from the past, about Rhaghar Targaryen, Lynnana, White walkers, and does speak about certain characters like Mance Rayer, Stanis Baratheon, Maggaery Tyrell here and there.

There is no word of mention about Drone or the Martels except that Ellia Martel who was the wife of Rhaghar.

It gives a picture about the Wall and current status on it. It makes us believe that there are no White-Walkers or Others and the only problem behind the Wall are the Wildings.

This book also talks a little of the dragon glass and the Valiriyan steel.

Morment and Ameon of the Watch are those characters which we love to know.

Though much of King’s Landing is unknown, it still leaves us astray about the loyalty of the council like Little Finger and Vary and master Pycellene.

Joffery’s madness begins once he orders for Eddard’s head. We get to see many chapters from Tyrion Lanister point of view and his wit sometimes leaves a smile.

Though much of Bravosi is left for the rest of the book, we could hear little from Arya’s master Syrio.

Whereas in the East we have Daenery Targaryen , and how she grows herself as a Khaalesi and the death of her beloved husband, baby and brother and the raise of the dragons.

Eddard Stark is beheaded. We believed that he is the main character of the book. Now the book is completely around Eddard’s Children and the Khaleesi.



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