Game of Thrones: What’s the hype over it !

The Television series had just aired the finale of the season 5, while there is no more books to read ,all G.R.R.Martin fans are going crazy over the net !. So many inside jokes , so many reference, many crazy people(like me) keep filling your Facebook page with ‘Likes’ of anything and everything about the series. Some poor folks are yet to catch up.

And for the benefit of those I write this.(I am really sorry if I am going to give you so much information,trust me whatever I say is just the tip of the iceberg,there is so much which not only Jon Snow,neither do I know).

For those who say, “Its just another book ! so what is the hype about ?”

Okay,the answer is well its not an ordinary book  where you have a hero a villain and a happy ending. Its more than that,you never know who the hero is . There are no good people and most of all there are so many characters and the chapters run in their perspective.So some you would like and so some you would love to hate.

I have just finished the book, along with the season 5 on television. The Song of Ice and Fire has left its long lasting impression. From Eddard Stark to Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow who knows nothing , even a small character has a huge history.

The book doesn’t have one main character, when we start believing in one , that one dies ! so its really interesting.


In the land of olden times where seasons last for years there were set of rulers who were governed by a single king here it was Robert Baratheon. One fine day the hand of the king dies and Robert assigns his best friend Eddard Stark to be the hand. Eddard finds out a shocking truth about the queen Cersei Lannister, wife of Robert. Pathetically Robert also dies, Eddard is termed as a traitor and is beheaded.

From there the war starts. With many others wanting the Iron Throne, the plot gets complicated when Daenery Targaryen the lost/thought to be dead daughter of the previous ruler comes to picture.That is not the end of it, she has dragon eggs and they hatch.Still that is not the end, while the alive people fight for throne we get to meet the dead ones “The Others”,”The Whitewalker”. Magical folks “The Children of the forest”,the old god,the new god, the fire god, dragon glass, poison and so on.

The game of throne basically has lots of characters and relations, complicated ones. More than that it is interesting and intriguing.

Famous one-liners from the series:

“Winter is Coming” has become a household phrase.


“VALAR MORGHULIS” meaning “All men must die”

valar-morghulis – All men must die

“A Lannister always pays his debt”

Lannister pays his debt
Lannister pays his debt


“You know nothing,Jon Snow”

You Know nothing Jon Snow
You Know nothing Jon Snow

Characters you would love or love to hate:


Arya Stark is my favorite character, though people complain on how far she moves away from her family, her character is simply awesome.I loved her dancing master, wonderful man he is.

Arya Stark
Arya Stark


Forget about Sansa, she according to me is totally stupid.

Khal Drogo though he was dead in few chapters his character was impressive.

Drogo Dany on Wedding Day

Margaery Tyrell is vicious,cunning and knows the rules of the game.

margaery tyrell
margaery tyrell

Cersei quite emotional and blank.

Jaime’s story turned from blacker version to grey and now a days it seems so pure.

Tyrion Jamie and Cersei Lannister
Tyrion Jamie and Cersei Lannister

Daenery Targaryen and her Dragons

Jon Snow and Ghost

Jon snow and Ghost

Bran is my altime favorite.

Rickard Stark where are you !

Before forgetting the IMP or Tyrion Lannister is the best of all.

Best Moments or the shocking ones:

Eddard Stark’s beheading was the most emotional moment according to me.

Just before Eddard Stark is beheaded
Just before Eddard Stark is beheaded

Daenery Targaryen and the baby Dragons gave goosebumps.

Daenerys Targaryen and her dragon
Daenerys Targaryen and her dragon


The Red Wedding was brutal.


The purple wedding. The amount of work they had put on replicating the scene in the series was totally commendable. One of the character one would love to hate is Joffrey Baratheon and he dies.Red wedding was haunting, while the purple wedding somehow bought some justice.

Purple Wedding
Purple Wedding

The moment when Stannis forces joins Jon while they fight with the wildings was totally unexpected,if I could whistle I would have.

Stannis and his forces
Stannis and his forces

Talking about Stannis or the red lady I never cared, that included Theon, but the last book bought a huge difference in  these characters. Though the TV season is somehow trying to bring end to few characters, the book has its own pace which is why books are often preferred over Movies.

Jon’s journey was amazing,he somehow became the character loved by all.Ghost and Jon makes me excited and I keep reading until the next time their character shows up. The way Jon’s being stabbed was a seriously hurting , hope that is not the end of him.



You should read the book first !

Apart from these characters, the way G.R.R.Martin narrates is seriously awesome.It is the kind of feel the book gives , nobody stays up and everyone needs to fall to raise back once again.

I love the way the story travels from one character to the other. The rise, the fall , the turn cloak , the betrayer, the traitor,all honourable men,strong women,vicious character,humble characters,the spies,the spiders, the dragons,the direwolves ,those amazing cities,the Wall,the white walker,dragon glass,wildings and many more.

No wonder the book has a list of all characters  at the end.(I thought it was funny after reading the first book,later realized it was totally necessary).This was indeed a great series and am waiting for the next.It has terribly caused so much of hangover.


About the TV Series

Though the basic storyline is same and so has some part of the story,there are some differences in the way things fall. The CG and the work is amazing, season by season there is so much work and the sets are totally awesome. If you are not patient enough to read go for the series but do try to read the book before. Book gives you much information, whereas the series would take a while to get you connected, but every episode gets you hooked and you will end watching it over and over again.

If you are not sure of what’s going on,don’t worry there are hundreds of “youtubers” explaining these Game of throne concepts all through the net.

I have used the pictures from the internet,it will be removed if found objectionable by the concerned owner.It is not a sponsored post.


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