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One of the best thing I like about Chennai is ‘Anna Centenary Library’. I seriously didn’t want to leave that place . Beautiful, sophisticated and highly ‘bookilious’ !.

Anna Library Chennai,India - Courtesy blogspot
Anna Library Chennai,India – Courtesy blogspot

I simply loved the planning of it. The sight of parents reading books to their kids in the kiddie corner was commendable. From the Braille section to the magazines was marvelous. It is maintained quite well. Looked like a huge mall with books.

“There is nothing like reading a good book,travelling in time,discover explore meet new people ,fall in love again , learn something new,stay up late can’t put it down ! Just few more pages read it again” – courtesy Internet

Reading is a wonderful thing,you will always have a exhaustive reading list. Once it becomes a habit , it will soon become an addiction.

Not that all those people who get books read it, many do have books which are incomplete,not-yet-started and there were books which really spoiled my mood.

But every book teaches you something, gives you a motivation, allows you to imagine and wonder.

There are even some books which every body else will love, but one can never find a motivation to complete it, and for me it was the “Lord of Rings”. I am having it in my self for years maybe four or five yet I have not reached the 100th page even( The only reason I feel is I have watched the movie, my bad).

I will be not doing justice if I fail to mention ‘Ponniyen Selvan’. Well one kind of book it is ! The author brings the character alive and I had known few people who never liked reading before later fell in love with it after reading Kalki ! To one step further I visited Tanjore to get the complete feel of reading a good book !

Courtesy Pin Interest
Courtesy Pin Interest

You will automatically know places, geography,history and political systems when reading a book. For example, Dan Brown’s “Angel’s and Demon” gave me insight of Pope election in Vatican. We will love few characters and few characters will give you an impact like “Lisbeth Salander” from Stieg Larsson’s “The Girl with Dragon Tattoo” or Fred and George Weasley from Harry Potter.

“I solemnly swear that I am upto no good” no one who has read Harry Potter will forget this phrase.

Books give us the cultural and social knowledge about the people ! I really love “Eat,Pray and Love” . I never knew so much about Pizza before that !

“Devil wears Prada” often lightens me when I get a troubled time at my workplace.Sophie Kinsella’s shopaholic series relieves me from stress !

Well “Game of Thrones” have no words for those ! I tend to get evil everytime I read it !

It is true books cause hangover and we or rather I most of the time reflect the mood of the book I read ! The feel of reading a book throughout the night and surprised to see it has become dawn is fantastic. Everyone should find a book like that !

Courtesy Pin Interest
Courtesy Pin Interest

There have been questions from few people who have asked how to start reading? What are the books I could read as a beginner? Why is that I am not able to finish the book? Why can’t I read big books?

The answer is quite simple, choose a book or rather a genre which you would enjoy. Never choose a book based on someone’s recommendation. Yet one could go on the vague description of the story or the characters.

I too had a time in which I used to struggle a lot to start reading. I remember even reading “Peter and Jane “ was a huge struggle.

While some of my class mates were reading Enid Blyton’s “Noddy”. When I reached Noddy they reached Nancy drew and ‘Hardy Boys’.

Then at latter point of primary school in my seventh Grade maybe I fell for books. One of the good thing about my school was it had a separate period for library and we had to write the synopsis of the book we had read in that term.

I had a tough time in reading a book, the small font, huge book and the fear of not knowing the story all freaked me and more than that people used to discuss the story which I had no clue, yet I would have borrowed that book from the library(Truth).

Yet I cooked up a story of my own for one such test, which I had felt guilty later. Soon I found a book , it was ‘Ann.M.Martin’s’ Baby Sitter’s Club, a book of few girls and their ideas and mystery solving more of teen book.

Then it was some of famous Enid Byton’s book. Further in the list I had a beautiful life growing up with Harry Potter and some Sydney too. Often the books were read under the table during class, or during the long journey from school to home(Not that my house was far from school, my parents opted the school bus for me ,in which I would be the last person to get down).

Harry potter was fun, I loved that book (still I do, needs a whole new blog for that).

Then happen to come across “Love Story” by Erich Segal that was amazing seriously it was the first time I could realize a book could also give you impacts as some movies.
“To Love is to never say Sorry” such a powerful quote it is.

Books make impact-Courtesy Pin Interest
Books make impact-Courtesy Pin Interest

From then it was unstoppable, it was easy, and it was fun. Slowly one could change genres, authors and move on to classics.

Oflate I am addicted to Sophie Kinsella, really loved the spontaneity, often I have read re-read the whole part and laughed out so loud to the distress of people nearby.

Quite a few from my new reading list .
Quite a few from my new reading list .

Identifying the genre you like is the most important part, I have a friend who hates to read tragic stories or the ones in which any characters dies, for her it has to be always Happy Ending and another one likes the book to be so descriptive taking to that period of time.
Some people like me are obsessed with History and Women literature.

Courtesy Pin Interest
Courtesy Pin Interest

Do some small research before reading your next book, sure it helps and builds your curiosity in reading it. Also keep a reading list which becomes handy when you come across a bookshop (offers).I really love Goodreads a social site which seriously keeps track of all the books in space.

Reading is something which has reduced ,people nowadays go for movies(most books are made to one).

Old Book Feeling - Courtesy Pin Interest
Old Book Feeling – Courtesy Pin Interest

One might be so environmentally friendly in getting an ebook, but the feel from an old tattered book from the library is awesome. It makes you wonder how many people have gone through what you are currently loving !

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