Fish Curry with Rice

Who doesn’t love fish curry and rice.

It would be last thing I eat before I die. Fish curry is the easiest of all and those beginners can try it.

Usually fish curry is of two type one with coconut and another with Tamarind.

Below are  the steps and ingredients. For the masala I have used an ready-made one and my mom’s masala powder. You can choose anything. The Tamarind in the main player here.

Things required :

1.Clean the fish ,add salt and turmeric and wash well. Don’t wash in running water you may damage the flesh.It is better to rub some amount of masala and let it marinate.

Cleaned fish lightly marinated in Salt,turmeric and Fish masala(used readymade one)
Cleaned fish lightly marinated in Salt,turmeric and Fish masala(used ready-made one)

2.Onions 2 for 1 kg of fish( approx 7-8 pieces of fish).Slice them.

3.Tomato 3.

4.Tamarind paste or Tamarind as required(use more if tomato is not sour)

5. Masala for curry.

6.Curry leaves and coriander leaves

7.Garlic 5-6 pods.

8.Mustard seeds.

9. Jeera seeds.

10.Dry Chilli or for more spice Green chilli.

11.Salt to taste

Mustard seeds,Jeera,Tumeric,Dry Chilli and Garlic
Mustard seeds,Jeera,Turmeric,Dry Chilli and Garlic

If you prefer coconut, then remove the tamarind and add coconut in the same process.

Step 1: Heat the pan and add oil. Once heat add Mustard seeds, Curry leaves,jeera and Dry chilli. Fish Curry

Step 2. Add the garlic and once it is cooked add Onion.

Step 3: Add the tomatoes and Masala.

Fish Curry
Fish Curry

Step 4: Once the Masala is mixed with Onions and tomatoes . Pour the Tamarind water.





Step 5:Pour water as required. Be mindful even the Fish has water in it also onion and tomato will let out water while cooking.




Step 6: Once when this mixture comes to boil ,slowly drop the Fish. If you happen to have the Fish head add it for the curry it gives a nice taste.(you can very well not eat it , but allow it to be in the curry , it gives a awesome flavor).

Step 7: Fish cooks soon , allow it to boil and then Simmer.

Fish Curry tastes better after a day or so when the tamarind and fish mixes well.33-WP_20150306_16_21_06_Pro

Garnish with coriander and serve with hot steamed rice.