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Indian Gift Portal: IGP is a new age portal which suits all our gift needs.

IGP saves a lot of time and frustration which goes on while selecting a gift. You should take a look at it first.


It has well sorted and categorized the gifts based on Gender, Age group, relationships, occasions and even their personality.

So the next time you are looking for a gift for your Fashionable Girlfriend , just login to IGP where you can find her needs.

Gifts like personalized items, flowers, photos, electric gadgets, frames, cookware to all is right under your nose. All you have to do is just order it.

Shop personalized products on IGP

Father's Day Gift - photoframe
Father’s Day Gift – photoframe


And coming to the occasion, wondering what to gift your day this Father’s day, well here are few choices

Evergreen Gift:

Wallet, cardholder and pen stuff with a little twist, you could personalise completely on IGP by just adding the name.

There are many options there, like personalised diaries,steel mugs and clocks that goes just right on your Dad’s office desk.

Trust me you would never get the scolding ” Why did you spend this much ? ” from him, cause they are so worthy and more than that , not as costly as they look.

The pens range from Rs.200/- and the diaries Rs.500/- . Ofcourse there are a lots of combos available for lazy bimbos !!

Thoughtful Gift :

What could be more thoughtful than gifting your dad with a grooming set. It will be used anyway and you for once will get a good appreciation from your sweet dad.

From Old Spice ( That’s Dad smell for me ) to Park Avenue, they have almost all the brand set.

Buy this cool gift hamper on IGP

I totally love one where they have this huge hampers like Cufflinks, ties and all the desk items.  I would love to hear my Dad boast ” Ah ! My daughter got that one for me ”

Cakes and Flowers:

What wouldn’t be more caring to send your dad some Sugar free Cakes, poor soul let him enjoy a day !!

Sugar fBuy Sugarree

send flowers online

Ofcourse Flowers your mother would love to keep,( who knows they may even keep the dried ones in some old book, parent’s get a lot sentimental)


Quotes and Tshirt :

“If Papa can’t fix it, we are Screwed”  something which I totally love. There are many such quirky quotes, and posters just for your dad and you.

         shop here

Personally I enjoyed shopping on IGP, it had various options and filters. Interestingly you could find a new product everytime. I endedup adding a lot of product on my cart.

Worrying it is too late to get a gift for your dad, don’t worry IGP has same date delivery with a little extra cash on selected pincodes. Do check it out.

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