Essential Handbags Everyone must have

A woman’s world is contained in her handbags.

It could be any handbag, a tote, sling or a backpack but be rest assured her chest of hidden treasures (read make up pouch, wallet, gadgets, house keys) are all tucked in there safe and sound, hanging by the shoulder, close to her heart.

Instead of creating a museum of handbags, its best to sort your priorities and buy the one that befits your personal style.

1) The black briefcase bag

It is fuss free and uncomplicated. It matches well with your formal wear and works best for your workday and official meetings.

For the multifaceted boss lady this mighty accessory is a must have.



Briefcase Handbag-coffeetabletalks
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2) Sling bags

These are compact and easy to carry. They are best for the days when you are on the go and would rather not have the world to carry with you.

Make sure to keep you sling essential kit ready that fits into your bag well.

Also buy a colour that will work for your wardrobe.

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3) The royal blue sling and satchel

The satchel will translate from day to evening wear. It strikes the required balance between heavy totes and tiny satchels.

It also works for a great travel companion.

Sling sacthel Blue
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4) The en vogue backpack.

A lot of buzz revolves around mixing style and comfort these days. The new age backpacks are symbolic of the same.

They are convenient, easy on the shoulders, slick and available in a wide range of choices for those who aren’t too keen on going fully formal. 



Envogue Baackpack
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5) Tan leather


A classy companion for every woman. It works with the broad colour spectrum and complements most outfits.

It isn’t very offbeat and for the days when you are in a dilemma of what to wear and what to carry, opt for an elegant tan handbag.

Tan Leather
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6) The one strap tote

It may not be the most comfortable but definitely expresses a strong persona. Though the tote bags are very spacious, do not over burden them.

They work best for women who carry their tablets and digital notebooks all around.

Totes are ideal for formal dinners and brunches.

One hand Tote
One hand Tote



7) The jet set multipurpose tote in a neutral tone.

The neutral shade works well for styling for day or evening wear. Also the big sized tote bags are a must have in every woman’s closet.

They come handy on those days when you need to stuff your parking ticket, wallet, gadgets, and toiletries all in one place.

At times owing to their sturdiness the bigger totes are nothing short of a blessing.

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While these bags allow you to jet set with ease, do not forget to wear them with absolute confidence knowing that you whether in a boardroom or in a pub you will turn heads with your individual style above all else.

What is your favorite kind of bag, comment down below your favorite goto handbag.

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