8 Quick Easy Egg Recipes of all time !


Love Eggs,then why eat them in the same old fashion. We have simple ,easy yet different Egg recipes of all time.

If an Egg is there ,it saves the day ! Saves you from immediate hunger. Let it be bachelors or married people often Egg comes to rescue when there is immediate hunger or immediate guests.

This post is all about the wonderful quick egg recipes on can do !

1.Egg Bhurji a.k.a Scrambled egg 

The only difference is the Cuisine Scrambled Eggs belongs to the west so has the cream,butter flavour.

Whereas our very own Bhurji has the Indian touch with Onions and Tomatoes.


2.Egg Omelet : Can be loaded with Veggies too 

Simply salute the veggies like capsicum,bell peppers,zucchini,onion and keep it aside.
In a pan make the regular omelette when it is a minute before it is cooked ,add the veggies and turn the Omelette into Roll !


3.Egg Pancakes : Best Breakfast

Take one whole banana and mash it well in a bowl, add two Eggs in it and mix well to a batter consistency !
Heat the tawa and make small pancakes/dosa.
This mixture will give four pancakes well enough for a person.
For the Topping: Cut Peaches/Mango/Strawberry add honey/dates syrup and microwave for 1-2 mins.

Serve this pancake ,topped with the homemade syrup or honey over it.


4.Egg White Pizza:

Take any veggies , I used Palak. Sauteed with Garlic.

Take a small bowl and place the Palak, pour Egg white over it.
Microwave for 2 mins in medium.

Once it is semi cooked top it with cherry tomatoes and if need a small amount of egg yolk can be poured over it.

Keep it in the microwave for another 30 seconds.

Serves good !

Egg Pizza
Egg Pizza

5. Egg Idli !

It is a family recipe. Serves well when we reach home after school.

Cut the leftover idlis in square.Beat eggs well and keep it aside.

In a Pan ,add Oil,Chilli,mustard and Urad dhal. Once it splatters add the idli dipped in egg.

The egg should coat the Idli very light. You can add onion if need.

Saute it a while and serve with Idli podi sprinkled over it.
Great combination for those rainy evening

6. Egg Curry in two ways.

This was the main staple diet when I was single. One Egg curry and then it goes well with Idli, dosa, chapathi, rice and even great stuffing for Sandwiches.

Simply Boil the Egg .
Meanwhile cut Onions,tomatoes,Green Chillies,Ginger and Garlic.
Saute everything one by one( If you like spice you can add Bay leaf,cloves)
Add little water and add chilli powder,turmeric powder (or any gram masala)
Peel the Egg and cut it in slices. Drop these slices in the Curry and let it Simmer.

Egg Curry
Egg Curry

For the Twist: You can break open the egg into the Curry and let it simmer. It gives you the EGG KHEEMA !



Dosa is once again a dish where we can bring a great variety.
For this the Dosa should be thick, While it is in the simmer,break open the egg.
Don’t turn the Dosa ! It should cook on one side. The taste will be good.
You can place a lid over the dosa to make it cook faster without burning.

egg dosa
egg dosa


Very famous recipe but not common nowaday.

Take the pakoda batter mixture(besan powder,salt ,chilli powder and a pinch of baking soda mix well to a batter)
Boil the Egg. Once the coat is removed. Dip the Egg in this mixture and fry it !


Truly a bliss ! but yes it is too much of oil !

All these recipes you can make it within five minutes(except egg curry which will take another five more minutes).

Points to be taken care while eating and cooking egg

  • Egg release lots of gas,so try to stay away at night from it.You might feel too bloated.
  • Limit egg to a maximum if four per day ,if you eat more than that take only white.
  • While cooking egg add garlic and ginger to reduce its gastric nature.
  • Uncooked egg can make your stomach upset so be careful on that.
  • You can check if the egg is good or bad by putting it in water.If it floats the egg is good if it sinks then it is time to throw that egg
  • If you can get the DESI EGG then do eat that instead of the normal one.

Happy Cooking ! If you like this post do let me know it in the comment section or by simply hitting a like. Share it with your buddies Too !

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