Drink Water .

You say I want a glowing skin they say Drink Water, you say I want to shed few pounds they say Drink Water. You say my bowels are so tight they say Drink Water.You say you feel so tired they say Drink Water. You say your body temperature is too high they say Drink Water.


Okay so isn’t most of us said any one of those before ! Well we know that we need to drink water , but how many of us do it. Very few , ya that includes me too but now I have found out few motivations for drinking water.

Do you have enough water and stay hydrated?

Take this small test, check the colour of your  urine, it is colourless or light yellow fine are good and keep up to it. Incase not then please drink more of water.

 Getting Started:

Get yourself a cool bottle preferably with a sipper or a straw and keep it near your workplace.
Filling it up periodically makes wonders,
one you drink water,
two you walk to fill water and
three you get a break.


Why is Water Necessary?

Water is the essential content of the body, it is required to aid in digestion,carry the nutrients to body parts,flush toxins and keep the parts like throat,ears and eyes moist.

Lack of water makes you feel dehydrated and tired because the blood becomes thick and the nutrients are not carried well.

We lose water in perspiration, urine and bowel movement so it is necessary that we make a habit of keeping yourself hydrated.


Fruits and veggies also have water content so as milk and juices.

When to Drink (most preferably):

  • First thing in the morning, find water and then drink ,it eliminates toxins and sets your body for the day.[Avoid coffee or tea].
  • 30 minutes before a meal,gulp down a glass of water.
  • Before you take bath lowers blood pressure
  • Before going to bed.

How much to Drink ? 

It is said on an average 3-4 liters of water is required and it also varies based on Climate,humidity,activity done by the individual and health status like pregnant and breast feeding women need to drink more water keep them hydrated.


Drinking water bores you ,well here are some flavored water recipes?

We often get bored right, well try these.

In a jar drop few lemon slices and mint, crush it well using a wooden spoon and then add water. Keep them refrigerated if you prefer. Ta-Da your flavour drink is ready.


I have seen people from Kerala drinking Jeera water. All you need to do is boil jeera with water and drink it.

Few other combinations are

  • Mint + Cucumber + Lime
  • Watermelon + Lime
  • Pineapple+Orange+Ginger
  • Apple+Cinnamon(Powdered)
  • Lime+Mint
  • Orange Slices /Cucumber Slices

Even while drinking green tea or any herbal tea,try without sugar. You can add honey instead.

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