Don’t Heels make you Crazy !!

Howdy my dear fellas, I am trying to catch up with all of the posts, got little busy with work.

But I did have some time to shop, and you know what I found that “Cinderella Shoes” of mine ! Well you might think what’s special in  that but for a person having a SIZE 41(US Standards) and SIZE 11(UK standards) and SIZE NIL (Bata standards – It is in an Indian Brand) and SIZE MEN’s section(Most of time) it is something really WOWWWW !!

Well this is going to be a post narrating all my shoe fails and experience nothing informative !!

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Where do I begin, Yes my Parent ! Well I am genetically blessed with long,broad feet. I am not tall,an average girl of 5 feet 5 Inch but my fingers and feet are freakishly long.

My mom used to keep my foot covered in socks even in that 40 degree temperature when I was a toddler, believing it will reduce the growth(She is also a shoe maniac) so that I could wear cute shoes in my future and not just get the chance to watch them.

Poor mom ,she knew it won’t happen yet she was just desperate(I love you mom). Then in my school days we had the cute ballerina’s from Bata(Now they don’t make it any more). I really loved the little heel but I always ended up wearing a blunt boring black shoes. Anywhere going out I would be given a sports shoe.

Well that was in my primary school ! I was not that crazy about those then. I changed my school during my ninth grade , there sometimes we cheat by not wearing the boring blue coloured canvas. And that’s how my whole school years went with me craving for cute little slippers,sandals and heels.

Whenever I went shopping the vendor will look at my feet , throw the most disgusted look and go to the store room, pick the most pathetic, out of fashion ,boring shoe and say “That’s the only thing we have ! ” . He knows I will take it.

That’s me craving in backdrop craving at the shoes

Whenever I see a new shoe store , I hop in and check out for my size if I happen to get one, I will end up buying almost everything of my size.

There was one saviour, I found him in my college days, he used to repair our worn out slippers in my hostel(I stayed away from home). I was his regular customer because even if I have money and time to get the most beautiful shoe ,I don’t have size. He saved me and would make slippers of big size but still he was really against heels.

He would say ” I can make one, but for your foot size you will wore it out in few days”.

My college was so big and I used to walk around a lot, most of the will be running late often to my distress my shoes will wore off, I even secretly carry a feviquick to avoid big embrasement.

There were days when I had walked without shoes carrying those worn out shoes in hand. Then I struck on to boring sports shoes or those sandals.

Then came my second saviour ! He is basically an leather engineer and has a own shop(an outlet) . He used to make anything I ask him to do, any colour I am done, but he by policy doesn’t make heels(Why everyone hates heels so much ! ).

But I really enjoyed those days ! When I decided to relocate to Mumbai, the first thing I dreamt was I might have a heel in my size. I literally tore Bandra down, I didn’t find one ! Not that I didn’t have a size , but it was not comfortable, I ended up having blisters and corn. Finally I will go back to my flats.

Beauties ! Oh la la!! Lovely aren’t they !

Then I never took effort even to ask the shopkeeper for huge size , believing I won’t get one. There is a “TRESMODE” store near my house, often those heels will make me crave, but I never made an effort to hop in there.

Last time I did a shopping I went and I did find a perfect RED , HIGH HEEL of my size ! (I didn’t get it though cause I was actually looking for a boots which was also perfect fit there) . I was absolutely blown by the collections, it was like waving magic wand, all the shoes fit me perfectly well.

Those “Cinderella Shoes “

My purse was tight, so I ended up with one boots only but definitely I will go once again, cause

” Those shoes which are not bought will leave us haunting”

I will choose not to comment

P.S If you are one of heels craving person, or if you have a similar story or a photo of you in a perfect shoe, take a beautiful photo of yours and can either comment down or mail me at .You will be featured in my next blog! Details I will post soon !!

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