Coffeetabletalks Brand Collaboration & Media Kit

Coffeetabletalks brand Collaboration has a huge list of  well-known and trusted companies .

We are a lifestyle blog which talks about Fashion, beauty and Wellness,Travel and Food. Coffeetabletalks brand collaboration has always been successful. We have always delivered post/articles to the clients delight.

Coffeetabletalks has been featured in a well known magazine like Out-of-focus(September Edition,2017).

From the cover article to few other articles was written by our Founder Umadevi B

Lifestyle Collaboration/ barter /sponsored Articles

Coffeetabletalks brand collaboration
Coffeetabletalks  brand collaboration in lifestyle category.

[irp posts=”4703″ name=”VLCC ELIXIR THERAPY : Fat Reduction Therapy for a Better You”]

Coffeetabletalks  brand collaboration in lifestyle category.

Fashion Brands we have been associated with

Coffeetabletalks loves fashion, few of Coffeetabletalks brand collaboration with Fashion and beauty Brands

[irp posts=”2009″ name=”7 Day Garnier Challenge”]

[irp posts=”2932″ name=” – Checklist for a bride’s trousseau!”]

Food and Drink

  • Dr. Oetker Funfoods
  • Holachef
  • Molson colors

    [irp posts=”5226″ name=”Exciting Festive Recipes by Dr.Oetker Funfoods”]

    We are open to sponsors and brands who are interested to feature their product/service on

♣ Accept guest blogs.

♣ We provide Ad Space for brands.

♣ Review of product/services

♣ Host Giveaways

♣ Cover Events and launch

Interested in getting associated with us, drop a mail 

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Coffeetabletalks likes to work with companies and brand that respect the bloggers space. We essentially deliver reviews based on our opinions.

Kindly note:

  1. We will deliver the articles on the accepted date and time. And need atleast a week after we received a product to test and try for good reviews.
  2. We accept barter/paid/sponsored articles.
  3. Our posts will be 500-700 words, with relevant pictures and links.
  4. Unlimited social media mentions will be provided if we really like the product/service.
  5. All the posts are SEO friendly with relevant keywords, links based on the brand.

We strive hard to make articles reach the first page of search engines.

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