How to choose neutral / nude nail polish based on skin tone

Everyone will hoards Nail polish. In this post, Coffeetabletalks has curated a list of neutral / nude nail polish colors suitable for all skin tone.While we all love to wear bright colors, it may not be appropriate for all occasions. With nude trend every where, we are giving recommendations and ideas to choose nail colors.

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Neutral / nude nail polish for dark skin

The basic rule to choose Neutral / nude   nail polish is NEVER MATCH THAT WITH YOUR SKIN TONE . Always choose colors which will compliment the color of the area around your nail bed.

Keeping this in mind, colors which are rich in brown, coffee shades will be the prefect nude. Personal recommendation would be

plum from faces

maybelline neutral

caramel from nykaa nude

Basically any caramel shade, coffee/toffee shade will work well on darker complexion .  If you are looking for any other that can look good then go for dark matte green, burgundy and dark red. 

Avoid colors which are pale, pastel and white.

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Neutral / nude nail polish for wheatish Indian skin

Wheatish skin colour looks good on polish which are semi-opaque. Colours in the shade of cinnamon, coffee colors, colors slightly darker than the skin tone will perfectly suit well. You can choose colors with a dark peachy, coral shades . Also colours which have pink and coral under tones will suit dusky or medium skin

Personal recommendation

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Colors which are having mauve or berry tones, purple,dark green, orange looks good on medium skin

Avoid colors like lavender, light pink,beige and silver

Neutral/ nude nail polish for fair skin

The colors which is a little transparent and in pink undertone will be perfect for fair skinned people. Pastels work well for fair skinned folks.

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Personal recommendation

Lotus Eco stay -Nude flirt

SQ Rude nude

Nykaa rose sherbet

Apart from these, bright reds, pinks, purple, pastels go well in fair complexion.

neutral/nude nail polish

How to buy nail polish 101

  1. Understand your skin tone. The color around your nail bed is the reference color .
  2. Based on the skin color dark, medium and light we are going to broadly classify colors.
  3. The lighter the skin tone, the more transparent shades or single coats will look attractive.
  4. Dark colors will look good on short, square to oval shaped nails.
  5. Don’t wear colors that match your skin tone, it will look washed off.


  • Always try to use a base coat when wearing dark colors.
  • Once in a while, let your nails breathe by wearing no nail polish.
  • Moisturize your fingers well.

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