From a Software Professional to Cake baker: Story of a Self learnt Baker ,Deepika Selvakumar

One should seriously take a look at her facebook page Créme Castle , before reading this. I have wondered how this chirpy girl had so much finesse in her fingers.

Deepika Selvakumar, originally a Software Professional worked in a huge MNC ,before she started of with Baking. She had to quit work in order to take up a bigger and a better responsibility as a dedicated mother  and a lovely wife.


When asked Deepika, about how it all started, she tells a failure story worser than Einstein ! But ultimately her products have given her all the laurels and applauds.

” I tried baking cakes using several recipes from blogs/tv shows/books etc etc.. failure after failure.. sometimes the cake wouldn’t fall off the pan,sometimes overcooked,sometime underbaked and even once it turned out to be a biscotti ! sooo hard ! I’ve wasted enormous amounts of eggs butter and flour,still my husband never showed a frown or dislike.Instead he kept buying me the materials I asked for ! “

She says the urge of wanting to bake a cake ,came from her Mother, who made her First Birthday Cake. Deepika wanted her son also to feel proud one day as she did because of her Mother’s Cake.But the first Birthday cake had turned out to be a disaster. Finally after so much attempt in baking and perfecting, on her Son’s second birthday she started baking for friends and family too !

A Few words about her specialised cakes.

Being a huge fan of fresh cream cakes and pastries, Deepika wants all her cakes to be made from fresh cream icing. Though she still uses fondant toppers,she dreams of creating fresh cream cakes that has the perfect finish as that of fondant cakes!  (fondant is a thick paste made of sugar and water and often flavoured or coloured, used in the making of sweets and the icing and decoration of cakes).She is working hard to break the myth of that Customised Cakes can only be made out of fondants.

Customised Cake
Customised Cake
Customised Cake
Customised Cake

Where we can see Deepika , in few years ? 

Deepika is quite passionate about baking, and wants to set benchmark for Cakes and Cupcakes in the city. Currently she is located in a foreign nationality.She is trying her best to own a Bake Shop !

Customised Cake
Customised Cake Customised Cake

Did she learn any course in baking ?

No ! Deepika is a self-learnt baker. After seeing a photo of a birthday cake posted on Facebook by her senior “Divya Akka” ( that’s how she fondly calls her),she got her spirits high.With multiple entries in all baking groups, and numerous blogs and TV Shows,Deepika perfected the art of Baking Cake !

Still she did enhance her skills by doing a basic fondant course at Amato – tuticorin( A baking School)

What is the Secret to her beautiful cakes ?

She simply says it is love . The amount of care and love she puts in baking the cake ,gives such great flavors and design.

How do you manage your all your regular housework  being a Mother of a three year old kid and baking ?

” I am a mother of a three year old naughty  boy! He is a well behaved child. He knows that he should not touch mommy’s baked goods  and its for some aunty also Mommy will bake him a small cupcake and that he can relish and yes he will get some cake bits that are being scrapped out 🙂 He loves to help me in the kitchen.He helps me in cracking the eggs,sifting flour or adding colours.While I make sugar figurines, I give him small pieces of fondant and he thinks it’s playdoh and play with it. He never disturbs me most of the time. There are some days when he gets cranky and never listens, those days are really tough to manage and I end up spending most of the time being a owl at night but otherwise he is very good and I’m really  blessed to have such an understanding baby without his co-operation I’m am not what I’m today !

Initially I found it little tough to balance both cakes and housework but now I’ve learnt to manage and plan everything correctly! messy homes, floured vessels,icing hands,tired me but at the end when I look at the finished cake everything vanishes.”

Customised Cake
Customised CakeCustomised Cake
Customised Cake
Customised Cake
Customised Cake
Customised Cake
Customised Cake
Customised Cake

It is not only her Kid who helps her in baking, her Husband is also the biggest support ,he takes care getting the raw goods,of the delivery,of stacking the cake and loads of other things.Deepika together with her family is doing a these amazing cakes ! Yes Delicious too !!

Deepika has now become a soul inspiration to all those people who know her. She believes creativity and hard work can always lead to success ! So does Coffee Table !!

Coffee Note: All the very best Deepika, your cakes had always tempted us ! Way to go !!

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