Buy in this Sale Weekend before GST bites

Confused what to buy this sale season.

While it is raining sale, we have put together few of our previous posts you could use. Make use of this sales season before the prices go up after GST is implemented. 🙂

Wardrobe Revamp: 


What can be more fun than, revamping your wardrobe. Throw your old and shabby clothes away.

shop here



You can never run out of handbags. We woman always needs a handbag. From Briefcase type to the cool tote we have put to use all the handbags we had searched and bought. 

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Plus Size Outfits: 

Everyone is beautiful in their own skin. You just have to need some confidence and come out of your comfort zone and try something new. Who knows , you could be a fashion sensation one day.

Beautiful dress for plus size
Beautiful dress for plus size


Date Dress: 

We all love to impress and that is why we plan everything we wear on a date. Like a guy or not. We would love to be a diva. 


Floral dress for day date
Floral dress for day date

Saree fashion: 

Saree is never out of trend. From handlooms tot Kanchi. It is all old and bold. 

Always stick to the roots, shop here for that

Summer is always here: 

We are in a place where it is always summer. Summer fashion is never going out. 

Here is a hell lot of options you could try out in this sale season before the GST can bite your pocket.  Keep shopping .

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