Best Outfits for Plus Sized Woman

We are all trained to look at skinny models and our tuned to believe those beautiful dress look good only on them. We fail to embrace the beauty of plus sized woman.

Here is a list of Fashionable ,trendy outfits for plus sized woman. Hope you like it.

If being skinny is an obsession and nothing in your wardrobe seems to flatter your body, then it’s time for change.

Apart from changing your dietician and trainers, also change your choice of dressing.

A subtle shift in the wardrobe can do wonders. By all means you shouldn’t give up on achieving your vision of the your perfect body but you can still dress gorgeous while you are at it.

There are plenty of options available in the market for plus sized women. But before you get started, identify your body shape (whether you are a peach, apple or hourglass).

Accordingly, you can opt for silhouettes that flatter your curves. Most important, opt for clothes that let you breathe.

The Kaftan Cut

Drawing inspiration from the fabulous Middle Eastern kaftans, this cut is easy breezy.

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It doesn’t hug your body at all. With a slight gypsy vibe it is comfortable, simple to wear and flatters all body types. For a slight change you can maybe give a variation to sleeve.

Perhaps an off shoulder, or you can try a sweetheart necklines inner bustier.

Kaftan dresses are also easy to tailor make, you can opt for solid colours and minimal prints.

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The Empire Cut

This cut now prevalent in dresses and formal blouses lays emphasis on the bosom.

This way it highlights your cleavage but doesn’t stick to your stomach at all.

You can ideally pair the empire cut tops with jeggings, straight cut jeans.

Image: Plus Size 2 – shop here

The Peplum

If you are a fan of skin tight denims or bottoms and do not want to go the conventional way with flared bottom pants; then the peplum is worth a try.

You have to be careful with the cut of your peplum top or dress to avoid adding extra bulk to your body.


While peplum is long associated with thinner women, feel free to break the myth and adapt it to your body style.

Just wear it with confidence.

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The A Line

The A Line derives its name from the alphabet ‘A’. It cuts the garment to be slightly fitted on the top but eases out at the hem.

Most A line skirts, dresses and tops are designed keeping curvier women in mind.

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It avoids the hassle of fitted outfits and rather shapes the body of the wearer to give the illusion of a smaller waistline.

The A cut formal dresses and tops are also the best option for brunch and formal dressing.

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The Asymmetrical Cut

An asymmetrical hem often leads to the illusion of slimmer thighs. It can be paired with straight cut pants and can be worn in varying styles.

The one shoulder asymmetrical outfit oozes glamour. If confident you can also wear a high waist belt with an asymmetrical dress or top.

Batwing or bell sleeves can also be experimented with. The best bit about this cut is its non reliance on the bottoms you pair it with.

Avoid wearing an asymmetrical top with a flared bottom though.

plus sized woman

Image Plus Size 5 – similar look

The Flared Bottom

The retro hit of the 70s aren’t worn with much pride these days. Flared bottoms or bootlegs do compliment curvy women over their skinny counterparts.

The trick is to opt for a cut that isn’t too lousy. Instead of going for exaggerated flairs you can go a straight cut with slight flairs and these can be conveniently paired with jackets and accessorized with scarves to share the attention of the body weight.

plus sized woman

Image – plus sized woman 8 – similar

So go ahead and mix n match. After all dressing up is an instant feel good factor.

But while you are at it do not forget to wear a bright smile and your confidence as well.

We at coffeetabletalks don’t actually talk size or colour but I have personally felt, some woman who had gained weight(plus sized woman) due to various reasons from pregnancy to hormonal issues simply refuse to style or wear a flattering outfit just because of the size.

I believe this post would be an eyeopener  and help out those lovely ladies.

Like the post, please share it and also let us know how it worked for you.

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