Best Lip Balm available in India

Lip balm is a must in every season and particularly in winters. Here is the list of Best lip affordable balms available in India.

Lip balm is a must, be it a woman or man, we all suffer from cracked and dry lips. It can be due to weather or any other reasons.

Reasons to use a LIP BALM

  1. To cure  cracked and dry lips
  2. Removes pigmentation
  3.  To have a smooth lips

Based on these , we have picked TOP 7 LIP BALM all should have.

Nature’s co lip butter

Recently I received this in a beauty subscription box and totally love how it reduces the dark pigmentation . It smells like a candy. The stay is really good. It is not tinted and can be used by both genders.

Cost – 450/-

Package – squeeze tube

Available – mostly on

The Body shop Born lippy – lip balm

This will be the most sorted after lip balm in budget. There are tons of variants in it. There is no pigmentation, still the flavors are strong. As all body shop products do, they smell so nice and sophisticated.

best lip balm

Cost – 275/- on

Package -tub

Available – Bodyshop website, amazon and stores



Nivea is quite a promising brand when it comes to winter products like body lotion, cold creams and lip balm. And it goes without saying, the best in the market. It can used by all.



Cost –  M.R.P -130/- usually available at 99/- on

Package – chapstick

Available – online / local

Variant- straw berry, nivea for men

Maybelline Baby lips

They are the most affordable and cute range from Maybelline, like bodyshop they also have a lots of varients. The most likeable thing is the packaging. It comes like a chapstick and some varients also have a sheer shade of colour. Perfect for daily and college wear. Though the stay is not that good, it still serves the purpose.

Cost – M.R.P 190/, usually available for  152/- on,

Package -chapstick

Available – local / online

Variant- neons, berry crush, winter flush


Biotique morning Nector

Biotique products are mostly natural and herbal. It has a strong herbal smell. It defineltly serves the purpose, the stay is amazing. Even pigmentation is reduced. The only downfall is the package, it comes in tub and not that convient to carry it around. Also like lots of biotique products, they have a uniform colour and package, which becomes difficult when identifying while kept in our vanity.

Cost –  M.R.P 175/-

Package -TUB


Burt’s Bee

Easily the best in the whole lip balm market. All those who have used it have loved it. Personally it is on a higher price range for me. Considering all the products in market, this is all natural lip balm everyone should have .

Cost –  531/- for a pack of two 

Package- chapstick

Available – only online, rarely on stores like SEPHORA

Variant – mango etc


That is the list of all lipbalms that one could use. Do checkout the Top 20 winter body lotion. And don’t forget to follow Coffeetabletalks on Instagram .

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