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facemask and sheet mask in India

Diwali is round the corner and everyone is busy with shopping and running around. Most of us would have forgotten about skincare during festivals. is quite convenient and easy which you can try in the less time without the need to pop into a palour this busy season.

Spend time with your near and dear at home without compromising on your skincare during festivals by using  which are quite easy and convenient on skin.

Facemask and sheetmask.

With a cost of just about Rs.100/- to Rs.200/- get instant brightness and beauty. Just in need products. From brands like FaceShop, innisfree,mond’s sub and nykaa everyone has launched this pocket size beauty.

Why Facemasks are convenient:

  1. Portable, on the go you could use them.
  2. Just give 10-15 minutes  and you are done.
  3. No need to look for water, cup,bowl and brush as regular face packs.

I have tried all the masks from these brands, I would recommend Faceshop and Mond’s sub collagen mask. Regarding innisfree and nykaa I just have mixed feeling. While most of other bloggers have given thumbs up for Nykaa, not many have actually loved Innisfree.

facemask and sheet mask in India
nykaa sheet mask


Do check out these facial mask on Amazon ranging from just Rs.100/-. They have amazing discounts and Buy one get one free offers.

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Facial Kits

There are hundreds of available on stores. These are truly convenient and if you could spare an hour,then this would be a blessing.

Best facepack for oily skin

Facial kits from , khadi, are available for a reasonable price. Whereas facial kits from Lotus Herbals, Shahnaz Hussian, Biotique and Aroma essentials are starting from  Rs.500.  I would strongly recommend VLCC and Aroma Essentials.

Products from Amazon.in


If you have very little time, but still have access to water and brush. Then Facepacks are better solutions.  Just cleanse your face with the regular , Exfoliate using your favorite scrub and then apply Facepack.

Facepack in India

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Just chill out for a while and then remove it. Then tone down or cool down your skin using a toner or simple plain rose water and finish off with your favorite moisturizer.

Home made Ubtan through Insta seller

Home packs:

Finding time for nothing, then don’t worry, your kitchen ingredients is more than enough.  All you need in Yogurt , Besan powder, oats, facial turmeric(optional), rose water(optional), milk, saffron(Optional), honey, sugar,salt, green tea, Aloe vera(optional), coconut oil.

You actually don’t need all, just a few is more than enough

Step : 1  Cleanse your face

Milk+ Safforn(optional) + rose petals(optional)

Step 2: Scrub

Oats + Curd/yogurt

Step 3 :Massage

Ghee/ Curd  for Dry Skin

Coconut Oil best suited for combination or all skin types

Aloe Vera for all skin types

Optional Step : Lip Scrub

Honey + sugar

Next Step : Facepack for glowing skin:

Besan + Yogurt + Turmeric

Optional for more enhanced look:

Bleaching / Anti Tan [ Don’t over do all in same day, atleast give sometime for facepack and natural bleaching)

Honey + Lemon juice

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Eye Pack:

Dip tea bag in water and place in eyes or soothing.

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