Thriller Movies, that could send chills down your spine

Top Thriller Movies

Not all movies, stay haunted in your mind forever. Very few thriller movies creates paranoia.  Here is the list of those movies which could bring chills to your spine instantly.

The very word ‘Thriller’ brings out a sense of suspense, anxiety and excitement to one’s mind. These kind of thriller movies drives the audience to the edge of their seats and gets them more involved to the story.

Have you ever watched a movie behind the sheets ? Have you ever experienced anxiety while watching a movie? Does ever a movie send chills to your spine ?

Here is the list of those Thrillers or rather Spine Chillers…

Cape Fear (1991):

Though this is a remake of the 1962 version, the characterization of Max Cady (Robert De Niro) has been better than the previous version.

The psychopath visualisation has been extraordinary due to the excellent camera work.

This is a plain revenge story which keeps the audience peeled to the screen to get the entire film.

The Sixth Sense (1999):

This Horror thriller movie is about an eight year old boy who acts as a medium of communication between the humans and the dead people.

Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Wills) tries to treat the boy but can he really treat him? Find out the answer by watching the movie.

You have wasted the entire life if you had not watched the story. The chill creeps in your spine when the boy says ” I see dead people”.

Seven (1995):

Seven is a horror thriller movie which involves the story of two gritty detectives (Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman) who are in pursuit of a serial killer (Kevin Spacey).

The director of the film David Fincher marked his territory in the thriller genre with this masterpiece movie.

The phrase “What’s in the box?” has taken a scary tone because of this film.

Memento (2000) :

Christopher Nolan, the director of this movie announced to the film industry his potential to match a great story script with equally great screenplay in this movie Memento.

The Unique selling point of this movie is its backwards narrative which is differentiated from the present events by using black and white method.

This movie has inspired many other language movies too. Eg. Ghajini in Tamil Film Industry.

Although this movie may look like a normal revenge, the chill creeps at the last.

Argo (2012) :

This movie is based on the real life incidents which happened in Iran while rescuing American hostages during the crises.

Ben Affleck has performed his usual best but credits haave to be given to the director Affleck for creating a Best Picture Winner.

Zodiac (2007) :

After his wonderful masterpiece Se7ven, David Fincher followed it up with another masterpiece Zodiac.

This movie isn’t like a typical thriller journey but its intensity never diminishes.

This movie deals with the investigation of a Zodiac serial killer who happens to be a true story which further increases the anxiety to watch this film. Doesn’t it?

Silence of the Lambs (1991) :

This Psychological Thriller movie pans out on a single question “In order to kill a monster, would you rather turn yourself as another monster?”

A young FBI officer Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) seeks the help of a serial killer to catch another serial killer.

The tag line “May the Silence be broken” works great for this sensational thriller movie.

Shutter Island (2010) :

This mystical thriller directed by Martin Scorsese is another masterpiece for the director.

Teddy Danials (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a young US marshal who is tasked to investigate the disappearance of a girl who is charged for murder and admitted in the hospital for criminally insane.

The story proceeds with many twists and turns then on till the very end of the movie.


This movie is about a dumb and deaf writer who stays alone and how a psychopath disturbs her. This movie will send out all the adrenaline to your brain and back to your gut.

One of the deep chilling moment is when he enters her room and sends a photo of herself working in a computer to her laptop from her very own phone.

Like this list, then do comment down below your favourite thriller

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