Barbeque Nation Restaurant Review

I missed blogging for a week, I was really sick and to everyone else paranoid my family started doubting me for “Ebolo Fever” .

Now that I am perfectly fine and really dreamt food which I was deprived(and still am) since the last week.

‘Barbeque Nation’ was all in mind. I had been a great fan of BBQ Nation ever since my friends who happen to go there for a team treat started adoring it.

The first time I went there , I was simply astounded by the the unlimited variety and the tasty barbeques . That too in the live counter. The one thing it attracted me was the price back in 2011 I believe it was just 450-500 rupees.

Ever since it was the best place to hang out, to have a great weekend and to eat well ! Anyone who asks me “Hey suggest a place for eating out ? ” I would instantly reply BBQ with my eyes popping out. Infact myself should have introduced so many to it.

Well Why have I put that on Weekend getaway? one who have not visited BBQ might also wonder it is just a matter of a meal and is she blowing this up ? Well it is not !

And my fellow foodies will know why.

Barbeque Nation (Well I am going to use BQN from now on) is not only an restaurant but also an experience. Ever since I went once I wanted to take my dad and brother and finally after so much of planning I was able to take my parents and my hubby of course. My brother missed it.(BQN is not at my parent’s place so planned when they visited me).

At first my parent’s felt little uneasy about the size of the menu but later they started enjoying it. The atmosphere and the fun that is going around will make you eat more. I have to mention the service which is almost of high quality in both the BBQ’s I have feasted.

They also customise the starters for you. There is one event or other going on . The desserts are awesome the best of small gulab jamuns and icecreams. Main Course seriously I didn’t have the stomach for that.

You need to have a little lesser meal from the previous day so that you warm yourself up for a delicious treat.

I was really indulged in food and never took photos(I am not going to regret) I am sharing the content from the ‘barbeque nation’s’ site and from others in Internet

Where is it : Bangalore,Chennai,Mumbai,Delhi,Punjab,Jaipur,Lucknow,Hyderabad,Kolkata,Ahmedabad,Baroda,Pune,Surat,Guwahati,
Coimbatore.(I have been to BQN in Chennai and Mumbai, rest is sourced from BBQ Nation’s Website).

How to Reach : Google maps have always given you best ideas.

Best Time : Mostly Lunch ! It gives you ample time to hang around. Just be mindful to book your slots one weekends it is always full. Also check put varies happy time hours they give a discount for stepping early before 7.30 pm and also for stepping late too.

What to wear : Some loose fitting clothes so that you won’t be faulting your tummies after such a nice meal. Well it has a live built in grill counters at your table so be aware of it and don’t burn your hair or hand.

What to take : An empty tummy and a reasonably fat purse.

Suitable too : All age people , mostly non vegetarians. Some of the vegetarians had few choices but now the restaurant is trying on many recipes for them too.

Any thing else : You can also cut cakes and have a celebration there. When I went we in almost all tables a birthday cake.
They also provide excellent mocktails and alcoholic drinks which are charged apart from the buffet.

My Take : Always it is my favorite ,so Obviously if you have not tried do try it. You will simply love even if you’re not that a foodie person.

Will I go again : Of Course, there was a time almost I hitted BBQ every two weeks.

Some might wonder why is this under the weekend getaway ! well the experience you have is taken with you for many weekends together. It is a perfect place to unwind and sit back with your family and enjoy the food which is wonderful and never makes you full. You will have lots of conversation which you never had before.

To make you feel light pack your plate with less food, so each time you walk to fill your plate your appetite increases. Share in your experience about BBQ or any other similar restaurant. I would love to try it out

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