Baaya Designs : The destination for Indian Art Lovers

Baaya Designs, Mumbai provides unique art and crafts from all over India and displays them in the most stunning and a creative way as rightly they said “Where designs meet the tradition”

Baaya Designs had hosted a Bloggers Meet and then Coffee Table had its chance of interacting with Ms.Shibani Jain,the Owner and CEO of Baaya Designs .

Baaya Designs
Baaya means Weaving bird in a local language.Just as the weaver bird would built it’s nest in an unique way ,so would the deigns of Baaya be.

Baaya Designs showcased many art forms from various place all over India from Manipur,Bengal Patachitra,Tagore Art,Kerala Mural ,Saura Painting,Kalamkari Art,Gond Painting,Warli Painting to name the few.

Copper Vessels
Good for health and ideal gift for a wedding or a baby shower
Stunning Dolka Metal art , heavy and priceless
Sure it would add that since of tradition to your boring shelves
Bull - Baaya Designs
Bull – Baaya Designs
Cute Tribal Statue -Baaya Designs
Cute Tribal Statue -Baaya Designs
Peaceful Buddha Statue - Baaya Designs
Peaceful Buddha Statue for the sense of calm and peace- Baaya Designs
Tribal MAsk -Baaya Design
Tribal MAsk -Baaya Design

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Manipur Stone Pottery: Longpi

This is a kind of pottery made out of stone which was widely used by the Royal family.This vessel gives the unique flavor to the food.

Longpi -Stone Pottery-Manipur
Longpi -Stone Pottery-Manipur

Tree of Life

Ms.Shibani Jain explaining to us the
Ms.Shibani Jain explaining to us the “The Tree of Life”

Most of the art form depict the tree of life in their culture in various ways.

Painting -Baaya Design
Painting -Baaya Design


Warli Art:

The one which is quite common , has various themes like the Wedding,Festive,daily life and the Market theme. The best thing of Baaya Designs is they incorporate these things on a furniture or a lamp shade.

Terracotta Tile Work :

This amazing piece of work requires immense labor and design skills. It was so humble and while realized the technique used behind it,I found it astounding.

Terracotta Art can spice up your walls and huge blank space
Terracotta Art can spice up your walls and huge blank space

Glass Painting:

This intricate Glass painting is done on a vessel or a tea tray for example. Even they have used this painting as shade or a lamp.

Blue pottery,Dokla and some forms of tribal arts is one we could find. They design for lots of incorporates as well as for home. Most of their costumers are for a Spa or a hospitality service.

Collage of all art form from all over India
Collage of all art form from all over India


All the art work are conceptualized, and generated in the studio and then forwarded to the Artisan all over India. The team does a excellent job of identifying talents all around the country.

Look how a Tinted Furniture could give that warmth to the space.
Look how a Tinted Furniture could give that warmth to the space.
Warli painted furnitures
Warli painted furnitures gives a nice antique touch

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They add this fine art to furniture and utensils. The brass jali they have is has the excellent finish and will throw that sense of aesthetic to the room and the house.

The Showroom has themed for the festive season and is now exhibiting their art forms. This exhibit is themed “Ladies Special” and has all the things from Umbrella,stole,sandals and bags all incorporating the various cultural and art with a twist that suits the modern gen and fashion.They mix the art forms into various items we use daily right from the Umbrella which has the Kalamkari designs to the Warli painted stoles and saris.

IMG_0329 IMG_0326

They just not produce the art on a frame and give, they change that form to a usable artifact, like a divider or an amazing wall art. If you are person of fusion then they are ready to create wonderful collage out of all the art forms.

Mandala painting are known for a meditation, Baaya designs turn these amazing Mandalas to interesting wall art.

If you want a design , let them know and they will create a nice design for your theme or idea, once the theme is finalized depending on the requirement either the artisan they themselves come to your place or it is got done from them.

They have introduced accessories section and for a start they have these Metallic Rakhis, so with the festive coming grab your Rakhis.

This ongoing ‘Ladies Special” exhibition is really wonderful.Do visit them at Lower Parel Mumbai(Near the Phoenix Mall).They are also available on Facebook,twitter and online.

Stop looking for those unique handcrafted gifts just drop by Baaya Designs and yes share and help grow the Indian Art forms.

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