Reasons why Acne just won’t clear

Acne troubles are there for everyone. While most of us trust photoshop and blemish removal apps for clear face, there are few other minor but significant things which we are ignoring all through our life.

Acne occurs mainly due to small lifestyle mistakes. Apart from hormones. Acne in adult life is either your lifestyle or health issue.

Personally I suffered from Acne for a long time. Currently my skin is clear with minor spots.

It was me in 2013, suffered so much acne during that period. Most of which were on the cheek area.

This happened after I started understanding the cause of acne is each region of my face.

For Example, Forehead acne is caused due to dandruff, any thing that is wrong with our hair or head can cause those.

Those acnes in the T-Zone are due to oily skin and sometimes harmonal.

Cheek acne  is for a mixture of reason like stress, over washing of face and makeup removal mistakes, moisturiser mistakes.

Dandruff- acne-coffeetabletalks
Dandruff- acne-coffeetabletalks

Forehead Acne can be reduced with these small lifestyle modification

  • Check your dandruff.

            Having dandruff doesn’t means having white flakes, it can be               itchy scalp also.

            Use a dandruff shampoo regularly.

           Wash your pillow covers regularly particularly, if you sleep                  with your face down.

Another most important tip which most of us consider very insignificant is to wash your face after shampooing.

Most of the time some of the washed away shampoo flows to your face and stays there.

So it is always a good practice to scrub and cleanse your face after washing away shampoo or conditioner completely from your head.

If you happen to have acne in your shoulders also, immediately check your dandruff and get it rid first.

If you have bangs or often if you are person to let hair open, keep your mane away from your face.


Face cleaning mistakes-coffeetabletalks

Face care mistakes:

We get over obessessed and think, washing our face will clear the acnes. The answer is NO.

When you keep washing your face, you strip away the natural oil and inturn your body produces more oil and it clogs your pores and you keep getting bigger acnes.

  • Scrubs should strictly be used twice a week.
  • Packs can be avoided to once a week.
  • Washing the face is 2-3 times a day.

While choosing a facewash, get onces which can address your acne issues and stick to the product. Ones with neem, turmeric,salicilic acid are good for acne.

Makeup should be removed no mater what happens.

Makeup doesn’t dissolve in water, it should be removed using an oil based product.

Coconut oil or baby oil is more than enough. Then you can wash it away with water.

Moisturising mistakes

MYTH : Many of us find moisturising makes us oily and think it is the cause for acnes. I was also in the same assumption for a long time.

Moisturising your face is very essential, as it balances the water and hydrates your skin.

Even though if you find it making you oily or dull.  To prevent over oiliness or dullness choose products based out of gel or use a very minimal product for moisturising.

Gym Practice:

While sweat releases toxins, you will be doing more harm to your skin, if you let the sweat sit on your face for a long time.

Your gym towels and sauna will not be giving much benefits if not properly used.

Harmonal Mistakes:

This is the most important and crucial thing to understand your harmones. That is the reason why what works for one will not work for other.

If your problems is prolonged, you need to visit your doctor and get your vitals check to find the underlying cause.

Thyroid problems, PCOD problems, Mentural Problems, Pregnancy all will create hormonal imbalance. We need to identify the cause and treat accordingly.

Acne is often not understood well, all we need to do is identify the root cause. I have shared with you my 10+ years of acne history and what worked and what had not worked with me.

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