Aditiya Karikalan and his Untold Story- Sangathara

Aditiya Karikalan was murdered and his death has been a mystery ever since .Sangathara by Kalachacaram Narasimha is one such novel which is talks about the political and personal conspiracy that existed back then.

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Many books, theories, conspiracy has been revolving around it.

One such novel was

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Most of us at some point of time would have fallen in love with

Kalki had the magic of making the readers to hook to the . I remember having a nice chat with the ‘Vegetable Vendor’ in a bus talking about how she loved that book and the way she loved ‘Nandhini'(Yes! She said Nandhini) and ‘Kundhavai’ when she spotted me reading Ponniyen Selvan.

Other books by Kalki

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According to me very few books have that effect of reaching to all sort of audience. Indeed Kalki is an amazing writer.

I came across a book named”Sangathara” by “


The book begins with ‘Adithiya Karikalan’ speaking about his death. And how justice was not served to him.

This book brings a whole new look to the ‘and it also points out so many historical evidences which falls in its footnotes(which I absolutely loved it, kept me hooked to the book).


Am not comparing Kalki and Narashimha , but Ponniyen Selvan was yet fun and almost everyone turned out to be in white shades , but Narashima brings few grey shades of the character too.

The book has so many twists and turns and truth(the author claims so) .

But at the end I did have quite a disturbed feeling. I was not able to accept this ‘New Story’ . This book is well framed . It is quite researched also. If you are looking for an investigative journal then this is the book for you.Yet the book is worth to give it a try.

Technically speaking the book was well framed and had an amazing plot.

I was not able to locate the book online, got it from vanathi publication(chennai).(Thanks to my Dad who introduced this book to me).

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