A Tribute to Biryani !!

Eid Mubarak to all!

With that started my craving for Biryani. I have never had a chance to have a good Biryani ever since I moved to Mumbai ! Even when I used to go on “no NON-VEG days”,I used to cheat every now and then,but now has been M-O-N-T-H-S !

Why did I become so obsessed about Biryani , well it is the only item which is really very good at my office food court from there it all started. There will be days where we need to work forgetting the lunch, so will come down and have a great meal rewarding oneself.

Or there will be a day when there is not much work then once again it is a treat of having a Biryani then a lime mint cooler in ‘Fruit Shop on Greams road’. Together I would have spent a 70 + 30 Rupees and would be really really delighted on that day.

Then comes the Monday obsession, for forgetting the monday blues and to sometimes compromise on not having really tasty food on weekend( The ones I feel really wasted to cook ) Biryani was my only consoler.

Sometimes Biryani has been my motivation to

1.Come to office(Very true !)
2.Hit the Gym, on Biryani days I try to burn more calories.(ok! I am not that a fitness person but it works for me)
3. To realize how delightful food could be( I was not that much foodie before)
4. To Cook better.(True ! My cooking is good)

Definitely it is a mood changer.

The sight of the rice not sticking to one another, decorated on top with coriander and the hidden treats (Wow I love finding the chicken and egg hidden in it) together with the brinjal chutney (in case of a thalapakatti) or Raita for a Hyderabadi or Kurma for any south Indian variety is so tempting.


In some hotels which are exclusive for Biryani they used to hit  the big Biryani vessel each time they take a spoon of it and drop it in the plate,the sound is itself so tempting. I have many a times just turned to Biryani counter just by hearing it.

Biryani Stall

I remember calling my mom one day being in the verge of crying and said “I need Biryani now” when I was so stressed out. (Poor soul my mom didn’t know what to do over the phone and tried to calm me down) . I so much miss the days when I nope we that includes my friends who used to just wait for 12 at noon and show all the teeth for B-I-R-Y-A-N-I .

Never to forget the Thalapakati Biryani , or the Dindigul Biryani, the SALEM RR Biryani, the Hyderabadi Biryani, the ambur Biryani, the Mughal Biryani ,the Kolkata Biryani, the very own ammasavali Biryani(Madurai) and Jaffer Bhai’s Biryani well I am watering the keyboard right now.

I know there are many other souls like me, for all those people I sincerely know how it feels.

Let Biryani unite us all ! And today I dedicate this tribute to Biryani.

I just googled to find many more variety too ! For definitely all these are added to my bucket list now !!

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