A Life of Working mother is not easy… Responsibilities of home and office, keep her too busy to take care of her health, but this negligence can make her unfit and unhealthy. So what is it that can be done for a fitter mother?


Balance diet should be more of protein, vitamins, minerals which is good for immunity and your mental health.

Keep fat and carbohydrate content low in food.

Drink fruit juices or herbal teas instead of tea, coffee and other drinks in the office is better for your health, and if you have to drink tea / coffee, then reduce the amount of sugar in it.

Exercise & Meditation

Morning Exercise routine is excellent even for 20-30 minutes. Meditation keeps you fit as well as relaxed.

By which you can do all the work in peace. Take the next day in the planning night, this will give you time for yourself in the morning.

If possible, get out on the morning walk. Use the stairs instead of the elevator in the office. Soon you will be able to see the effect of these conversations.


Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water a day.

To calm appetite, take chopped carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes in the Tiffin box instead of fast food and snacks.


While at work, work and then leave work at work.

Organising and prioritising your day helps to keep you more focused and balanced.

Get regular health checks

Regular health checks are the key to prevent or early detect and treat many health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and more.

So, the next time you think of skipping that Pap smear, think again.

It can be very challenging to be a working mom, but just a few simple moves throughout the day can help you to be more productive and less stressed.


These are quick 5 Tips you can work on:

  1.  Aloe vera juice weekly twice in empty stomach .
  2.  3 – 4 liters of water intake in every day.
  3.  One hour exercises in a day (Yoga /stretching/walking)
  4. Weekly once juice fasting
  5. Take phytoestrogens rich foods like flax seeds, soyabean and gourd varieties of vegetables-after menopause


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