3 Easy Rules for squeaky clean kitchen

Clean Kitchen is not a distant dream anymore.

All those who cook will definitely know how messy a Kitchen can get .

You will also know it is the Kitchen that needs to be clean first so that you don’t end up having infections and insects all over. Imagine the look of a Kitchen after a Sunday Meal. For me it is a huge stress.

Here are the things required for a squeaky clean Kitchen.

Things Required:

  • Kitchen Counter Cleaner :Many companies have launched, lots of scrubbers for tough stains . Most of us are in pretension a small dish cleaner is enough but trust me these cleaner removes stains within a wipe no scrubbing required which means easier and faster.
  • Glass Top Cleaners:If you have glass tops you can also buy those specially for them. All these withstand for more than three month,so it is not going to bite your pocket.
  • Good quality Scrubbers: Stoch Bite or even cloths but good microfibre cloths.The reason I say this is certain counter cleaning cloths leaves tints behind, microfibres are best and easy to handle.
  • A Kitchen Mob:Those small ones mostly used to clean restaurant tables and a separate hand sized brush.
  • Vinger :It does wonders(optional)
  • Baking Soda:Really helpful,mostly spread it over the kitchen sink ,removes those wet moist messy feeling actually deodorises.
  • Rubber Gloves:For those who doesn’t wants to ruin their beautiful hands. It costs around 80/- in Stoch Bite. It really helps, except sometimes it is smelly, in those moments sprinkle Baking soda into it.



It is going to drive you nuts if you plan to cook for the day.

It takes another 15 minutes in kitchen. I never feel like clearing the sink after food, mostly I tend to do it side by side while cooking so it will be only plates after eating and it’s easy. Most of us have maids then fine.


Keep the Counters clutter free and clean.

Remove those unnecessary containers and vessels and even appliance. My rice cooker was holding so much space. I placed in the shelves as I rarely use them. Similarly if you have an induction top you can remove it out of the counter.


RULE 3 :

Clean your Stoves regularly.

My Mom cleans after every meal she cooks, well I didn’t get that so I clean it in the night after dinner.By that way in the morning I will find a  pleasing cooking environment.

Just wipe the spills and plan some day to go for spot cleaning. Those Cleaning solutions helps a lot.

With these three golden rules ,Kitchen will never be a nightmare.


1.Spend some time to organise your shelves.

Label the containers because you need not have to open it every time you cook provided you have a transparent ones.

2.Clearly separate the area for specific things.

For example I have a shelf for grab and go breakfast like I keep Cornflakes,biscuits,nuts and energy drink there.And make sure everyone knows the spot and replace it properly.


3.Keep the Coffee/Tea Station ,one rack that holds only Coffee powders,tea,sugar and what all you add REGULARLY/USUAL . Be mindful we will get dragged away and sometimes this and that and end up dumping everything once again.


4.OIL – This is the most messy region.

Find a corner most preferably. Keep a tray or box, if possible find a plastic paper ,line is neatly and place all your oils. Never keep those refills open. You may not know when it will spill and the mess is really big.


5.Keep a tray where you place those spices or condiments which you use regularly.

Make sure it is kept in small containers. Always you can refill those.

6.Keep a box for extra’s of those remaining after filling the jars.

[irp posts=”151″ name=”Organising tips: Easy and affordable tips for makeup goodies !”]

Stick a piece of paper on it, so that you know what is there. Be mindful before any grocery shopping to check it.

7.Clear your garbage cans daily, we all have those garbage covers so use them or any other plastic paper cause those uncleaned garbage can’s can smell worse.


A Small piece of mind.

I have been in shared accommodation too. So I have terribly faced issues with people who simply say “In my house I don’t do it” . I really get pissed off when I hear.

Even I don’t do it in my house,at least they made me grew up in such a way I am responsible for clearing my own mess. I seriously didn’t understand how those people LIVE in mess waiting for the maid to come and clear out.

In those situations try to inspire them,no use fine get moving on. Everyone has their own reasons for a maid,that’s totally fine but be responsible ,just because a maid comes you needn’t have to throw dirt all over.

If you found this useful let me know, hit the like button. Want any other piece of advice on this let me know will let you know if I have faced.


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